Kara is a city in Togo.

Get around

Buses run daily between Lome and Kara (about 7 hours). Contact Rakieta. Buses leave at 7am from each site daily.


The tatas in Nadoba

The Tatas in Nadoba. About two hours north of Kara is a small village, Nadoba. Here villagers have constructed unique houses made of clay and straw. Originally built to fend off slave traders, the houses now serve as home to farm animals and various materials. Villagers still kill chickens on sacrificial altars outside of the houses and fill the first room with a range of fetishes. Check out the Chief Canton's Tata, but be prepared to pay a mille or two for the privilege. This is Togo's only UNESCO World Heritage Site and its best tourist attraction - though don't expect any amenities. The easiest way to get there is by rented taxi or shared taxi to Kante and then bike 25km to Nadoba.



At Maroc's. Owned by a German expat the restaurant serves European and Togolese dishes at reasonable prices (~$5 per meal with a beer). Chez Navide is also recommended if you are interested in trying the local food. Located opposite the market, dishes are served for approximately $1 per meal. Check out the degue ladies opposite the taxi station if you want to try cold yogurt with coos coos.



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