Kapolei is a relatively new and extremely fast-growing town on the Leeward Coast of the island of Oahu.

Get in

You can in by the following roads. Interstate H1 If this town is where Interstate H1 ends in the west, then it's the first major town when you enter on Interstate H1 east or west. There is another route you can take

Route 7110, If you want to stick up with another route than Interstate H1 in Waipahu. You can take this route to get there. It's part of the segment of Farrington Highway (Route 93), also Route 93 is the only access to get to Kapolei from Waianae. So take this route.

If you are near Ewa you can take the former Route 764 road, Geiger Road, which later turns out into Roosevelt Ave, when you leave Ewa.

Get around

It's a pretty neat town but it's also it's first town when you use Interstate H1. It's located at the Leeward Coast of Oahu. So why you should enjoy walking around here. If you take Fort Barrete Road from Kalaeloa Airport, that's a nice easy access to enter there. Also, you can find good houses on estate websites, a house finder. Even, there is a good way to get into town!



Kapolei is almost like a whole shopping town, there are lots of restaurants both in the town center and further down past Costco, there on the roads of Farrington Highway but go on Fort Barrete Road, to get some shrimp and stuff near the intersection of Enterprise Road/Fort Barette Road/Roosevelt Ave. There are food stalls near it. Also, there are some restaurants like Chili's and Kapolei's Chinese Restaurant.





Go next

There are 4 ways to get out of Kapolei by the following roads: Interstate H1, this is where Interstate H1 western terminus is at. But if you do want to go west, that heads for Waianae, but if your heading east, you're going to Pearl City, Aiea, and Honolulu till the end at Kahala.

Route 7110, It is a short route from Kapolei but this route will head for Route 76 and also the city of Waipahu.

Former Route 764, You actually need to get on Fort Barette Road and then it is Roosevelt Road when you are leaving Kapolei but later changes into Geiger Road when you are almost entering Ewa.

Route 93, When Interstate H1 reaches it's western terminus, later it changes into Route 93 which heads for Waianae, but there is 1 interchange on the route that heads for entering Ko Olina. And also it heads till its end in Waimea.

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