Vahanavank Monastery

Kapan is a city in Southern Armenia. Surrounded by steep mountains, built along the river, Kapan is full of pink Soviet apartment blocks, some of them creeping up the mountainside in steps. The scenery in this part of Armenia is very nice, and quite different than other parts, though few visitors ever make it down this far.

Get in

By bus

Marshutnis from Yerevan (6-7 hrs) or Goris if you come from the north. Similar minibuses are serving Meghri and further across international border to Iran from the south.

It's possible to catch a local bus heading towards nearby villages such as Shikahogh, Srashen, Tsav or Shishkert.

By car

Hiring a car, or taxi, or renting one is a good option too. A fascinating journey from Yerevan will take around 4 to 5 hours (with stop-over) and will cost approximately 80 USD by taxi or car.

Get around

Except for a small area in the city center, you must have a car to get very far, or a lot of time to bike or walk.


The medieval bridge of Kapan
The "Key of Kajaran" monument
Baghaberd Fortress

There isn't a great deal to see in the town itself, just a few spots to look at.

Further afield


There is a small amusement park in the center of town, with cheap rides, and lots of locals out enjoying themselves. Being slightly off the main tourist destinations, Kapan is a tranquil and quite city,


The shuka and nearby supermarkets are the best places to load up on supplies before travel in the area.


There are a few places to eat in town, including the Darist Hotel.


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