The market in Kaolack

Kaolack is a city in Senegal.

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By car

Kaolack is the transport hub of the country. You can get to any point in Senegal in a day's travel. There are two transport stations serving the city. Garage Dakar services areas to the West and North such as Dakar, Thies and St. Louis. Garage Nioro services the South and East with locations including Tamba, Kolda and the Casamance.

By bus

Most people get around Senegal by sept-places but there are buses that pass through here heading from Bamako to Dakar and vice versa. There are also minicars which tend to leave only when full but are a cheaper option.

Get around

Taxis (between 700 and 800 FCFA) are the main way to get around Kaolack or you can take a moto if you are brave enough.


Senegambian stone circles

Most of Kaolack's glory is in its past as it is rumored to have had some of the best mangroves in Africa but any evidence of these has long since disappeared. Kaolack has one of the biggest covered markets in West Africa. The market has a good selection of wax fabrics as this is where smaller buyers come from around the region to purchase fabric. You can easily get 2 meters for 1500 CFA or 6 meters for 3500. Another site to be seen in the market is the "gris-gris" market where vendors sell everything from skins to shells for the local charm makers.

The stone circles at Wanar is a UNESCO World Heritage site.


There are plenty of NGOs (or ONGs as they say in French) with offices in Kaolack. If you are looking to volunteer, there are plenty of options. Being able to speak French is a plus.


You can visit the Village Artisianal to find a selection of arts and crafts. As mentioned earlier, Kaolack has a great selection of Wax fabric available in the covered market. Most of the fabric sellers are located in the outer ring of shops.




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