Kamphaeng Phet

Wat Chang Rop, Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park

Kamphaeng Phet (กำแพงเพชร) is a city in Lower Northern Thailand. It's part of the UNESCO World Heritage site "Historic Town of Sukhothai and Associated Historic Towns".


In the lower north of Thailand on the bank of the Ping River, Kamphaeng Phet is 358 km from Bangkok. To its east are riverine flatlands while the western areas are made up of high mountains lush with fertile forests where a number of national parks have been established.

Areas along the river bank at present-day city used to host several ancient towns which had played a major role as strategic front-lines since Sukhothai was the kingdom's capital down through the times of Ayutthaya and early Rattanakosin (Bangkok) eras. In fact, the name Kamphaeng Phet actually means "walls or forts as strong as diamonds".


Wat Phra Kaeo, Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park




The night market in Kamphaeng Phet is particularly good for cheap and varied eats. It's located on Tesa 1 between Bumrungrat and Soi 14.

During the day Ton Pho Market between Tesa 1 and Rachadumnoen, first soi south from Kamphaengphet/101 is a good bet for food.

While a handful of restaurants are open until around midnight much of the town shuts up pretty early, between 8PM and 9PM; even the night market is winding down by that time. Bear this in mind when planning your dinner.


Like any Thai town with more than a handful of people, Kamphaeng Phet has been overrun with cafes serving a wide range of espresso-based beverages. Most also have a selection of cakes.

There are at least three cafes on Wichien/Rachavitee. Starting from Rachadumnoen heading towards 3J Guesthouse, look on the south side of the road...

Vigit 2 has two cafes within 200 m heading south from Wichien, the first in a bookshop (9AM-8PM, espresso, 30 baht, air-con, free Wi-Fi) and the next, Sugar Cane Coffee (espresso, 40 baht, air-con, free Wi-Fi) about 50 m further on. Both are on the east side of the street and also serve cakes.


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