Kamen Bryag

Kamen Bryag (Камен бряг, lit. "Stone Coast") is a village in District of Dobrich on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. As of the 2000s, the village is a popular summer holiday destination.

Get in

By bus

You can take an intercity bus if you are traveling from Sofia. There are two direct buses to Kavarna in the morning and in the evening from the Central Bus Station in Sofia operated by Etap-Adress , and number of buses to Varna.

If you traveling from Kavarna, you only need to take the bus (van) to Kamen Bryag from the bus station, traveling currently at 7.05 am and 3.45 pm to the village and back. If you are traveling from Varna, you will need to take transport to Kavarna first from the Central Bus Station in Varna. Direct transport is available hourly.

By car

If you travel from Varna keep driving on E72 road and take the exit to Kavarna. At the end of the town again take the right exit to Balgarevo and Russalka. If you travel to Varna from Constanta, Romania keep at E72 road and take the exit in Shabla to Shabla lighthouse and Tiulenovo. Gas stations are available in Kavarna, Balgarevo and Shabla.

Get around

Kamen Bryag is a small village and public transport is available only to the bigger town of Kavarna - 18 km far. Walking is pleasant way to get to the beaches that are only 15-20 minutes away from the center of the village. Cycling is another reasonable option. By bike you can easily get to the nearby villages of Tiulenovo (5 km), Sveti Nikola (5 km) and Russalka summer resort (8 km).


Yailata National Nature Archaeological Reserve is located 1.5 km southern from the village. Although Yailata is a bit far from the most popular resorts and hence is little known as a tourist attraction, it is one of the most amazing places along the Bulgarian coast. The big cliffs make this area almost inaccessible, except via a few narrow paths among the rocks. The fields there end abruptly with high rocks descending straight to the sea level. About 40 caves can be found in the vertical cliffs hanging over the sea. Their smoothened walls and niches dug deeply into the rock, proving the existence of an ancient cave settlement there. Most of the caves can be reached only by professional speleologists. There are also remains of stronghold dating back to Roman and Byzantine times.

Yailata National Reserve



Kamen Bryag is a popular destination for the celebration of July Morning rock festival. In Bulgaria, there is a tradition called July Morning (Bulgarian: Джулая or Джулай, Julaya or July) as an echo from the hippy era in the 1980s and maybe as far back as the 1970s. Young (and not so young) people from all over the country travel (often hitchhike) to the Black Sea coast on the night of June 30 to meet the first sun rays on the 1 July. Naturally, British rock band Uriah Heep's 1971 hit July Morning is the main refrain.

On special occasions folklore concerts are also organized by the village administration with the participation of local folk ensemble Kamenbryazhkite babi (Каменбряжките баби - The Kamen Bryag Grannies).

Kamen Bryag Local Administrative Center


Kamen Bryag is the biggest Deep Water Solo (DWS) climbing site in Bulgaria according to ClimbingGuideBg.com.

Benches on the cliff


In the local administrative center souvenirs, professional pictures and guides are offered at reasonable prices.


Due to the small size of the village, some hotels may often function as bars and restaurants too. The above mentioned places may offer rooms on a "first come - first serve" basis.


Accommodation is easy to find in the village. Many houses offer rooms at different price depending on the facilities. Some two star hotels and guest-houses are the probably best option with good balance between price and comfort. Detailed information on other available rooms in the village can be found in the local administrative center.

Stay safe

Be careful when walking near the dangerous vertical cliffs! Always keep a safe distance, particularly at night. Don't stray off the designated tracks and lookouts.


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