Kamari is a seaside village on the southeast side of Santorini, an island that is part of the Cyclades group of Greek islands. It has a long black sand and shingle beach. Though there are many taverns, bars and clubs Kamari has a far more relaxed atmosphere than Thira. There are all the usual water based activities plus a regular water taxi to take you round the headland to neighboring Perissa.

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The airport is very close about 3km. Most days the noise from landing planes is sporadic and kept to daylight hours. There are exceptions to this.

Get around

If staying in Kamari for a week a rental car, scooter or quad would be advised for about 3 days. Most companies offer discounts for rentals of this period. While scooters and quads are very popular, the vehicle best suited to exploring the island in full is a small 4x4 like the ever-popular convertible Suzuki Jimny. For the even more adventurous there are street-legal beach buggies that seat 2 and look like a lot of fun.

There is ample parking by the beach, with several larger car parks (so don't bother with street parking)


Ancient Thira is literally above Kamari. There are busses available to take you to the top but you can walk or drive. The walk takes about an hour and is quite steep. The drive is up a cobble-stone cliff-side twisty road and requires not only confidence behind the wheel but the ability to ignore your scared passengers who are actually looking down. The site is open from 10-1430 most days (closed on mondays).


There is an outdoor cinema about a 20 minute walk from the beach that has one showing everyday at 21:30. There film it shows changes every few days but they are published in its leaflet which can be found in most towns around the island (there is a poster board just south of the bus station in Thira). The films it shows tends to be American blockbusters (recently it has been playing Iron Man 2 and The Ghost Writer) but it also shows some Greek movies (e.g. The King of Mykonos). Tickets are €7 and there is a bar on site. Smoking is acceptable and even dogs are left in to watch the movie with their owners.


The streets of Kamari are abundant with restaurants and especially so along the beach. Kamari is a great place to while away the afternoons sipping cocktails before heading to a great restaurant for a truly memorable meal. While some places in particular are mentioned below, most of the restaurants offer incredible food at good prices (budget €40 for a meal for 2 with drinks). If a restaurant is empty or has staff who are overly keen to get you in the door with offers of free wine or discounts, move on. To cater the tourists from around the world, Kamari also has restaurants that serve Chinese, Thai and British cuisines.



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