Kalpitiya is in North Western Province, in Sri Lanka.


Kalpitiya is a small fishing village that started to develop into a tourist center a few years ago.

Get in

Kalpitiya is located to 165 km North from Colombo. You can get here by bus/car for about 3.5 hours drive. Public transport is available from Colombo to Puttalam, after you can take a tricycle. Also you can hire a van with driver for 7000-8000 LKR from airport.

Get around

Public transport is cheap, but very slow and may not be readily available. You could also use the omnipresent Three Wheelers (Tuk-Tuks). Always agree on the price before you get in. Prices vary and it is best you get advice from your Hotel about prices before you hail one.

Renting a car/van/bike could be a big problem in Kalpitiya/Puttalam area. If you plan to get around with our own transport (which is good idea), its much easier to rent one in Negombo/Colombo area.



There are tree kitesurfing schools operating:


The best souvenir from Kalpitiya is a bottle of arrack — local liquor 33° from coconut, feels like something between rum and whiskey. You can buy it from wine shops, price starts from 900 LKR. Locals are recommending DCSL brand.


There are no bars, but you can buy arrack/wine/beer from wine stores. Shops are closed by 9 PM, so plan early.


There are very few restaurants in the Kalpitiya town area. Do not expect high standards and quality.

Don't miss local street food egg roti, you can find it on every corner.

If you want to cook yourself (which is the only option to have good food), Carghill Food City supermarket is located in Puttalam near the hospital.


Compared to the very tourist friendly Negombo and the down south, Kalpitiya is relatively under developed for tourism and finding comfortable accommodation could be a challenge.

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