Snowy streets of Kakunodate

Kakunodate is a town in Semboku, Akita. Known as Samurai town (武家屋敷) and "The Little Kyoto of Tohoku".(みちのく小京都) On 2005, Kakunodate, along with the town of Tazawako, and the village of Nishiki was merged to create the city of Semboku.

Get in

The Akita Shinkansen Komachi (こまち) from Tokyo, Sendai and Morioka makes a regular stop at the JR Kakunodate station. Komachi provides hourly service from Tokyo and the journey takes roughly 4hrs from Tokyo, 2.5hrs from Sendai and 1hr from Morioka. Please make sure to book your seat in advance, as seats on all Komachi trains are all reserved. Japan Rail Pass is accepted.

Get around

Walking is really the only viable option in this small, compact city.


Kakunodate is well known for well preserved Samurai Houses scattered around along Bukeyashiki Street (which means Samurai House Street) and forming as a Bukeyashiki Samurai District. Some of these houses are open to public.


Floats colliding at the Festival


Kakunodate is famous around Japan for its cherry bark crafts which are sold at just about every store in the town.



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