Kaiserslautern is in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.


Nicknamed "K-Town", Kaiserlautern was home to many military personnel during the Cold War, and several American Military Installations, including Ramstein Air Base, are still in operation nearby.

In the Middle Ages, the town was chosen by Emperor Friedrich I (Barbarossa) as a seat of government.

Kaiserslautern was the smallest of the twelve host cities for the 2006 World Cup.

Touristically, this town has not much to offer but some nice restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

Get in

By plane

While the biggest military airport in Europe is Ramstein, just outside Kaiserslautern, the city doesn't have any commercial airports of its own.

By train

Regional trains travel to Kaiserlautern from Saarbrücken (55 min, €12.20). An S-Bahn line connects Kaiserslautern with Neustadt(Weinstr) (30 min), Mannheim (1 hour) and Heidelberg (1¼ hour). An ICE from Frankfurt takes 1½ hours and costs €36. There are also several ICE and TGV trains each day from Paris East Station (2½ hours, €87).

By car

Kaiserslautern is located on the A6 Federal Motorway. The city is 65 km away from Mannheim, 70 km away from Saarbrücken and 120 km away from Frankfurt (on A63). Hitchhikers can also look for cars online.

By bus

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A private bus line Luxembourg - Trier - Kaiserslautern - Mainz - Frankfurt Airport - Frankfurt am Main is run by DeLux Express and runs every 2 to 3 hours, taking 1½ hours and costing €20. See also above for the Lufthansa shuttle bus.

From Frankfurt airport, military travelers can take a shuttle bus to various posts around Kaiserslautern, Ramstein, and Landstuhl. Most shuttle services will cost you around €45 one way. At the airport, go to the U.S.O. office and ask them to arrange for a shuttle, you'll need to have your ID ready.

Get around

Kaiserslautern has a city bus system. It has also night buses, but mostly during weekends. You can get tickets from the driver for €1.90 one-way. Group tickets, day tickets and three-day tickets are also available. The buses also accept US dollars.

An popular way to get around is by bicycle. Most of the streets have bicycle lanes, either as a part of the sidewalk or near the car lanes. You can get usually get from one side of the city to the opposite in less than an hour. However, be aware that some streets have steep hills. You can rent a bicycle online for €15/day (€9/day reduced) and pick it from the Central Station. VELO Projekt also lends bicycles for 6 months for a deposit of €75.


Japanese Garden in the botanic gardens.


Fritz-Walter-Stadion in Kaiserslautern




Business in the Kaiserslautern area, or any area in Germany with a significant American military presence, will often give you the option of paying in either euros or dollars. The exchange rates may vary from place to place with you usually finding the best exchange rates on a military post.





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