Kaifeng (开封; Kāifēng) is on the southern bank of the Yellow River in northern Henan Province.


The city was the capital of China during several dynasties, and was visited by Marco Polo. Around 1,000 years ago, when it was the capital of the Song dynasty, Kaifeng was the most prosperous and busiest city in China and the world.

Countless expats immigrated right here and lived their whole lives, especially Arabians and Persians, who afterwards formed a new ethnic group in China, named Hui (回族). Also Jews settled in Kaifeng in the Bible Hutong (教经胡同; Jiaojing Hutong), which is visited by tourists from Israel.

Get in

By plane

The nearest airport is in Zhengzhou Xinzheng Airport (FTAT Code:CGO), an hour away and a ¥160 taxi ride. An alternative way from the airport to Kaifeng is to take a shuttle bus from just outside the arrival gate to Civil Aviation Hotel (民航大酒店)in Jinshui Road (¥15), then walk east for around 20 minutes to the mini bus station Deyi Bus Station (德亿汽车站) from where you can take a bus to near Kaifeng Railway Station (¥7).

By train

Kaifeng is on the Shanghai-Xi'an line. Hard seat tickets may be difficult to obtain but next day (or even same day) hard-sleeper tickets (from Shanghai, 6.5 hours, ¥222; from Xi'an, 7 hours, ¥140) are readily available outside peak periods. The train from Zhengzhou is around 45 minutes and costs ¥11-19.

Kaifeng now has high speed rail connection of 30-45 minutes from Zhengzhou East. However, note that the train terminus in Kaifeng is located at Songchenglu, some distance west of the old city. It takes about 15-30 minutes to get here by bus or taxi (¥20-25). The high-speed connection to Kaifeng Station is expected to be complete in 2017.

By bus

There are buses to Kaifeng from other places in Henan, including from Zhengzhou Long-Distrance Bus Station and Luoyang Long Distance Bus Station.

Get around

By taxi

Taxis are ¥5 for the first 3km and ¥1 for each additional kilometer. Rides within the city will not exceed ¥10.

By bus

Local buses go everywhere within the city and cost ¥1. Bus 20 is a sightseeing bus going to all the major sights.

There is a bus stop at the corner of the carpark in front of the train station. From here bus no 9 and bus no 1 will take you into town - fare ¥1.

By rickshaw

One very good way to get around Kaifeng and see the sites is to take what the locals call "bengbeng"; essentially a tuktuk or motorised rickshaw. 6 kuai will take you from the train station to Henan University's old campus, essentially the length of the city. Short trips should be two or three kuai.


Iron Pagoda

Landmarks and buildings

Parks and nature




Local products

Markets and shopping streets




You will find a lot of snack stands around, which include Sandao (made of flour, bee honey, sugar and stuff), peanut cake, sesame cake etc. There are also many other cheap options.



Taiwan style milk tea stands in Bookstore Street (Shudian Jie).





Go next

Small town with mainly Karaoke Bar and restaurant to hang out. You can get a taxi ride to the "Huang He" (Yellow River) which is quite near from Kaifeng.

By train or bus, the bus station is across the street from the train Station.

Routes through Kaifeng

Luoyang Zhengzhou  W  E  Xuzhou Lianyungang

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