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Jyväskylä is a nice university city in Central Finland. It is the biggest city in the Finnish Lakeland area. Its population was about 85,000 until January 1, 2009, when the surrounding regions were merged with it, thus increasing the population of Jyväskylä to 130,000.

Get in

By plane

Jyväskylä has a small airport, a former military air base, Tikkakoski Airport, situated 20 km from Jyväskylä center. The biggest customer of the Tikkakoski airport still today is the Finnish Military Air Force, who host their base nearby. The Airport is also base for Military Flight School. For commercial flights, the airport is mostly served by Flybe (Helsinki). There are also some direct charter flights to popular holiday destinations.

From the airport you can travel to the city by airport bus. Tickets cost €8, only cash payment (January 2013). The bus will leave the airport when all passengers have picked up their luggage. Reaching the airport for an outgoing flight is also possible by bus, the bus will leave from the front of the city bus station (Matkakeskus) one hour before the departure time of the flight.

You can also reach the city by taxi in 15–20 minutes. Catching or calling a taxi from the airport it will cost approx. €35 (March 2010) to get to the city center. If you are traveling alone, it's cheaper to order the taxi as a special "Airport-Taxi". Ordering an Airport-Taxi two hours in advance will lower the cost for one person down to €20, and a designated taxi driver with a name sign will be waiting at the airport for you. The service number for taxis in Jyväskylä area is +358 10 06900 (also for Airport-Taxi).

By train

Jyväskylä is well connected by railroads to the other Finnish cities, and getting in by train is rather effortless. A train ticket between Helsinki and Jyväskylä for an adult costs around €60. Student discounts are only offered to those studying in Finland.

The combined bus and train station (Jyväskylä travel center, or Jyväskylän matkakeskus in Finnish) is open from 06:00 to 22:00 from Friday to Saturday and from 08:00 to 22:00 on Sundays. Train tickets are sold at ticket machines at all opening hours, but the booking office does not sell tickets in the early morning or late night.

By bus

Buses travel between Jyväskylä and other Finnish cities, as well as smaller destinations. A bus ticket from Helsinki to Jyväskylä with one of the Matkahuolto associated bus companies will usually cost about 50€, and can be bought from the driver. Sometimes cheaper tickets can be found online.

A discount bus operator Onnibus offers significantly cheaper intercity bus travel to and from Jyväskylä, though the tickets must be bought online.

By boat

On Saturday a boat operates between Jyväskylä and Suolahti on the Keitele-Päijänne Canal . You need 4,5 to 6 h, ticket prices are: adult 36,00 € (2013), child under 12 years 18,00 €, child under 4 years is free. Transport of a bicycle 10,00 €, Buffet 21,00 € adults, 10,00 € children.


Place To Return
Jyväskylä 10.00 20.00
Noukanniemi 10.30 19.15
Vaajakoski lock 10.50 19.05
Kuhankoski lock 12.10 17.50
Laukaan harbour 12.30 17.35
Kuusaa lock 13.05 17.00
Kapeenkoski lock 14.00 16.20
Paatela lock 14.25 15.55
Suolahti 15.05 15.30

Get around

Jyväskylä has rather nice opportunities for getting around by foot or by bicycle, so if you're not in a hurry, you might want to just consider walking everywhere. Almost 1/3 of the population of Jyväskylä are students who mainly use bicycles to get around in the central area. Roads are also in a good condition, so you can explore the beautiful nature around the city.

By bus

Local buses travel between the different parts and suburbs of Jyväskylä. The single tickets are sold by the bus driver and the fares are relatively costly at 3€ per trip. The night fare (23:00-04:00) is 1€ extra, making a taxi possibly a cheaper option when travelling in groups of three or more. If you need to change buses during one trip, you have to show your receipt on the next bus (you have to get on to the next bus within one hour from buying the ticket).

If you plan to stay longer and want to use the bus service regularly, you might want to consider buying a bus card, which will be a bit cheaper (much cheaper if you are a student living in Jyväskylä). A 30-day bus card costs 60 € (without reduction) and it can be used as much as wanted during this 30-day period. No matter which part of Jyväskylä you want to get to, there are approximately three buses leaving each hour (daytime), though during the summer months (June to August) the frequency is reduced to two buses per hour.

You can also buy a one day tourist ticket from the tourist information centre on Asemakatu in the city centre. The cost is 8€ and allows you to travel on an unlimited number of buses within the city area for one day. The ticket is valid from the day it is purchased until 3am the next morning.

By taxi

Taxis can be usually be found waiting at the Jyväskylän matkakeskus or other taxi poles in the center of the city. If there are no taxis present, you have to call for one. The taxi service number in Jyväskylä area is +358 10 06900. The starting cost during daytime (Mon - Sat) is 5.10 € and on other times 8.00 € (March 2010). The cost per traveled kilometer varies between 1 - 2 € depending of the amount of passengers. The price list is always available in taxis.


Harbour of Jyväskylä

Jyväskylä has many buildings by the famous architect Alvar Aalto. These include kaupunginteatteri (the town theater), some buildings in the main campus of the university and the Alvar Aalto Museum.

Christmas market at the Old Yard of Toivola


Exhibitions and art museums: Admission is free for all on Fridays to Jyväskylä Art Museum, Craft Museum of Finland and Museum of Central Finland. Ask for a student discount in the museums and galleries, though often a Finnish student card is neccesary.

Nature trails

There are several recreational 'nature paths' in Jyväskylä. They are mainly situated in forest areas.


The city's web site has an event calendar for current and upcoming events.

Winter activities

In wintertime there is an ice-skating rink and ski track on lake Jyväsjärvi

The second-hand equipment for winter sports (ice-skates and skis) may be bought for example from SPR fleemarket in Palokka or Jyväskylä Sportti-Divari.

Swimming and Beaches

Jyväskylä has plenty of lakes and these provide nice opportunities for swimming and general beach activities during the warm summer months. Some of them offer ice swimming during the winter.

Indoor activities


During the summer, the marketplace (Yliopistonkatu 15) is a good place to visit if you want fresh vegetables or fish, flowers or craft items.

You'll definitely want to look for shopping opportunities at the Jyväskylä pedestrian precinct, which is located at the other end of Kauppakatu. There is several small boutiques and few shopping malls.

A few of the shopping centres may be found around the street Kauppakatu in Jyväskylä centre

Second-hand bookshops

Three antiquarian bookstores are situated in Kauppakatu.

Flea markets

There is also a few flea markets worth visiting in Jyväskylä.


It's cheap to have lunch at the student restaurants. They are situated all over the university buildings. With a Finnish student card it costs about 2.6 euro. Without the card it costs about 5,5 euro. Student restaurants:

There are many pizzerias offering large pizzas for as cheap as 4-5 €, guaranteed to fill your belly.


Pubs, Bars and Nightclubs

Nightlife is centered in the downtown part of Kauppakatu and cross streets, some also in the uptown part of Kauppakatu, near the University. As most of the bars are situated on Kauppakatu or very close to it, pub crawls can be easily arranged in Jyväskylä. Start from Yläkaupunki and work your way down to the clubs in Alakaupunki!

Alakaupunki (Downtown)

A large number of bars, restaurants and nightclubs is located around the pedestrian district. Cheaper places in this area include Bar Explosive, Pub Anneli and Bar Passion. Suggested establishments:

Yläkaupunki (Uptown)

If you prefer a more laid-back night scene than euro-disco hell, walk uphill along Kauppakatu until you are past the church. This is where Yläkaupunki begins. Suggested establishments:


Wine, strong beer and spirits can only be purchased in Finland from State-owned Alko shops. The only Alko shop in the center of the city is at located in the Sokos department store on Kauppakatu. Other locations of Alko shops in Jyväskylä area can be found from the Alko website.


There are a few hotels in the vicinity of the train station. All the major hotel chains (Scandic, Cumulus, Sokos) can also be found in the city.





The Jyväskylä tourist information website maintains a list of internet access points and wifi hotspots.

Every library in the city has both computers with internet access and free wifi. Usually the wifi password is written on a sign somewhere, but you can ask a librarian, as they all speak English. The main library in Jyväskylä city centre also has free toilets.

Restaurants and bars also have wifi connections for customers, but a password is usually needed and must specifically be asked for.

Stay safe

The crime rate in Jyväskylä is generally low. However, it's best to avoid obviously drunk people during weekend nights after the bars close. Long queuing for taxis or late night snack sometimes frustrate some partygoers to seek fighting opponents from other people. Sometimes this results to a temporary conversion from a pedestrian district to fighting arena, but the common sight of patrolling police makes the occurrences more rare. Despite this, walking on the streets at night (or any time of day) is safe. Keep in mind that in the winter time the streets might be slippery and that it is mandatory by traffic law to wear a reflector during the dark period.

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