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Junagadh is a historical city in Gujarat, in the west of India, on the Arabian Sea. The region of Junagadh became a district of Gujarat state in 1960. Junagadh was formerly the state capital and is now a district administrative center. It is also a market for gold and silver embroidery, perfume, and copper and brass vessels. It is the only place where wild Asiatic lions are still found.


This city is surrounded by hills, hence an ideal place for a fort to be built.

Tourist information

Tourist Information Centre, 216-217, Kanishka Shopping Plaza, Ashok Road.

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By plane

Rajkot is the nearest airport.One can get regular flights to Mumbai from Rajkot. Junagadh is two and half hr from Rajkot by road.

By train

The Junagadh Railway Station is well-connected to all the major cities in India.

By car

Route from Ahmedabad to Junagadh Approximate distance 336 km | Drive time about: 6.72 hrs

Route from Rajkot to Junagadh Approximate distance 110 km | Drive time about: 2.2 hrs

Route from Vadodara to Junagadh Approximate distance 400 km | Drive time about: 7 hrs

By bus

State bus service from Porbandar (around 80 min journey), Rajkot and Veraval (around 90 minute journey).


Tomb of Bahar-ud-din Bhar
Tomb of Mahabat Khan
Ashok Shilalekh
Girnar Hills from Damodar Kund

Uparkot Fort

Mount Girnar

The highest point in Gujarat, Mt. Girnar, with its rugged slopes covered by teak forests, is considered to be sacred because of several Hindu and Jain temples scattered all over the range. Mount Girnar main feature is a group of rocky peaks rising above a plateau of volcanic origin. Each peak is topped by carved stone temples that are a major place of pilgrimage. Early in the morning, both Jains and Hindus from different sects start their journey by ascending the narrow staircases that connects the temples. It takes minimum 5-6 hours to by foot to reach the top of the hill. its a hilly, steep and difficult task for easy goers. There are around 10 thousand steps, which are not built, but formed due to pilgrims' walks. One may see lions if he is lucky. If you cannot reach the top of the hill, at least have a look through binocular ( ₹5 for one view) which available after 50th or 100th step. you can imagine or plan whether you can reach the top.


Religious Festivals


one sealed tin of 900 grams Kesar Keri (Mango Pulp) costs around ₹100/-

One Kg of Mango ( Kesar , Alphonso ) costs ₹200 at the max.


Dal Puri and Aaloo Puri available in various stalls near Junagadh museum. Kesar Keri (Mangoes)


Kesar mango juice is a famous item from Junagadh




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