The Jujuy Region is in the Andean Northwest area of Argentina.

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San Salvador de Jujuy is a perfect jump off point for exploring some of the most desolate and wonderful scenes in the world. At the moment not many gringos around at all and the tourism is mainly Argentinians, Bolivians, and Brazilians.


Most people you will encounter in the Jujuy region will speak only Spanish. There are however large numbers of people from Bolivia and Peru who speak Quechua.

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From Salta it's only a two hour bus journey for ARS17 (Mar 2008) or share a remis and grab a empanada while you're waiting. Some of the best meat empanadas are sold just across the road from the bus station where the remise leaves from. The bus station is a 15 minute slow walk to the centre of town and a taxi should cost no more than ARS3. When you arrive, walk the length of the makeshift market where you can buy food clothes and coca. The street food near the bus stop is excellent and cheap (4 empanadas for ARS1). Cross the bridge and just keep walking. The main street is Belgrano.



There are so many different price ranges to choose from and one of the most upscale is Miralejos facing the Plaza Belgrano. Not only is the food the best in Argentina, so is the wine and the conversation. If you want to try some of the sweetest desserts go to Casa Bindo. You might never finish your dessert but it's worth it for the sugar high at least.


There are quite a few hostels in Jujuy but none like Yok Wahi on La Madrid. The staff enjoy working there and it makes a real difference. Whether you speak good Spanish or not, these guys will help you find mountains, get drunk, and laugh a lot!

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