Judaean Mountains

The Judaean Mountains (Hebrew: הרי יהודה, Arabic: جبال الخليل) is a mountain range in Israel and the West Bank where Jerusalem and several other biblical cities are located.



View from Beit Meir in the Judaean Mountains

The Judaean Mountains is a mountain range that runs from Ramallah in the north to the Be'er Sheva Valley in the south. It forms a natural division between the Shfela lowlands to the west and the Judean Desert and Jordan Valley to the east. The Judaean Mountains is traditionally divided in three regions: the Beit El Mountains in the north around Ramallah, the lower hills of Jerusalem in the centre, and the high mountains of Hebron in the south.

The Judaean Mountains is an area of great natural beauty and rich history. Crusader castles and archaeological sites can be found across the region.

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