Luster is a village and name of a municipality in Sogn og Fjordane county. Luster sits right at the intersection of central alpine mountains, great glaciers and the iconic fjords.

Apart from the grand nature, Skjolden is known for Ludwig Wittgenstein's lodge.


Luster between Jostedalsbreen and Jotunheimen.

Luster is at the inner (eastern) end of the 204 km (127 mi) long Sognefjord. Parts of Jotunheimen (Norway's high alpine summits) and Jostedalsbreen (Norway's great glacier) are within Luster municipality. Luster's grand nature is created at the intersection of Norway's largest fjord, largest glacier and tallest mountains. Numerous rivers transport "thick" (opaque) glacial meltwater to lakes and to the fjord, giving fjords and lakes a milky turquoise appearance. Luster is also home to numerous pretty waterfalls. Luster fjord (Lustrafjorden), easily recognized by its emerald-turquoise color, is a major arm of the great Sognefjord, and is more than 600 meters deep at Urnes. The area is sparsely populated, and is primarily glaciers and barren uninhabited mountains.

Luster fjord

Some 5,000 inhabitants share more than 2,500 km2, making it a sparsely populated area, built up areas and farm land is limited to narrow shores and narrow valleys. About 15 % of the area is glacier or permanent snow. There are no towns in the area, only small villages and settlements.


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Luster within Norway

Luster is in western Norway so overland transport from East Norway runs through mountain passes.

By plane

There is a small airport in Sogndal. The nearest airport with international flights is Bergen airport, while the drive from Oslo airport (Gardermoen) is only slightly longer.

By bus

Seven times daily from Sogndal. Buses twice daily from Lom, July-August only.

By car

Sognefjell mt pass

Luster is on route 55 between Lom and Sogndal. Route 55 is a national tourist route that includes the Sognefjell mountain pass - Norway's highest public road and closed during winter.

Road 55 connects to the private Tindevegen at Turtagrø, road to Årdal through high mountains.

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Lustrabaatane is a ferry connecting Solvorn to Ornes (Urnes) respectively on the west and east shore of the fjord. The ferry is running 9 times a day in summer, 4 times in winter and it costs kr 34 per person and kr 93 for vehicles less than 6 m (19.7 ft). The crossing takes about 15 minutes.


Urnes Stave Church.


Nigardsbreen glacier arm







Wittgenstein's cottage barely visible across the lake (1937)



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Route 55 to Lom is a scenic road. It is the highest mountainpass in Norway at 1434 m (4705 ft). Closed during the winter (Nov-May). Private road from route 55 at Turtagrø to Årdal.

Route 55 to Sogndal.

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