Joplin is in Southwest Missouri, USA.


Although commonly thought to be named for ragtime composer (and Sedalia resident) Scott Joplin, the city is actually named after the Joplin Creek Valley, which in turn is named after an early settler, Reverend Harris Joplin.

Joplin is the "hub" of the southwest corner of Missouri, southeast Kansas, and northeast Oklahoma. The population of Joplin proper is 45,504, but, with several "suburbs" around Joplin, the population of the Joplin metro area is near 100,000.

Officially, the "Joplin metropolitan area" (the 4th largest in Missouri)is Jasper and Newton Counties in Missouri. However, given its location at the confluence of three states, it is quite common for many people in Kansas and Oklahoma (as well as other parts of southwest Missouri) to frequent Joplin, for work and pleasure.

Other cities and towns that comprise the Joplin area include:

Joplin is approximately 40 miles north of the Arkansas state line. Thus, the Joplin area is commonly referred to as the "Four-State Area".

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Joplin is also within close distance of three other airports with more flight selections.

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The "main business drag" of Joplin is Range Line Road (aka, "Business 71"). The heaviest concentration of commerce and business is located along Range Line Road (along with the heaviest concentration of traffic). Other "business drags" include 7th Street, Main Street, and 32nd Street. Main Street is currently undergoing a revitalization effort, with several of the historic buildings being renovated, a new Farmer's Market, and the "Third Thursday" Art Walk.






Missouri does not have statewide legislation banning cigarette smoking in restaurants. All restaurants in Joplin allow smoking in designated smoking sections unless noted in their specific entries.


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Several national hotel chains have locations in Joplin. There are also several private "mom and pop" hotels in Joplin. Practically every hotel is located around the junction of I-44 and Range Line Road (Exit 8).

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Most crime that occurs in the Joplin area are "petty". The biggest crime problems in the area recently have been gas station drive-offs (due to recent spikes in gas prices) and convenience store robberies. Violent crime is quite rare, but it does occur on occasion. The rough side of town for Joplin is generally considered west of Main Street. Like most other places, most of the more serious crime happens in the middle of the night. Typical common sense will enable most anyone to avoid problems.

Red light running is a growing problem. Range Line Road is notorious for motorists running red lights, especially well after it has turned red for their direction. Motorists should exercice caution and not dart into intersections immediately when their light turns green.


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