Jinjiang is a mainly industrial city just across the river from Quanzhou in Fujian. Administratively, it is a county-level city in Quanzhou Prefecture, but for practical purposes it can be thought of as a suburb of Quanzhou. Population is about two million.

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Jinjiang has an airport, while Quanzhou does not. However, it is a fairly minor airport; there are flights to Hong Kong and some mainland cities and international flights to and from Manila, but not a large choice of flights. The usual way to fly into the region would be via Xiamen or Fuzhou, both of which have larger airports with a broader range of flight choices.

To reach Jinjiang by train, or by bus from Fuzhou, go to Quanzhou and grab a taxi. Some city buses also go from Quanzhou to Jinjiang; 801 and 802 are two of the numbers.

To get there by bus from Xiamen, take a Quanzhou bus and get off when it passes through Jinjiang.

Get around

Jinjiang is a long narrow city, spread along a river valley. Half hour bus rides are not unusual. It is a good city for drivers, with lots of good new roads and some shopping areas with parking available. However, see driving in China for comments on traffic conditions.


The world's only surviving Manichean temple is on Huabiao Mountain in Jinjiang.

Anping Bridge, between Jinjiang's Anhai Town and the neighboring Shuitou Town.


Jinjiang is very much an industrial city, especially shoes and clothing. Naturally, there are quite a few shops for those items. Nearby Shishi, though, has better clothing markets.

The Filipino chain store SM have only a few locations in China. One is in Jinjiang, at the end of the 801 bus route furthest from Quanzhou. It is part of a very large modern mall.


While McDonalds and KFC are ubiquitous in China and Pizza Hut fairly common, Burger King has only a few locations so far. Oddly, Jinjiang has one, on the basement floor of the SM city Jinjiang, end of 801 bus route.


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