Jingzhou (荆州; Jīngzhōu) is a city in Hubei Province on the banks of the Yangtze River (长江; Chang Jiang). It has been an important historical city for 6,000 years, and is particularly famous for being the capital for the State of Chu (楚国) during the Waring States Period, and for its importance during the Three Kingdoms period.

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at top left, 粉蒸肉, fěnzhēngròu and bottom, 鱼糕 yúgāo

Chu embroidery, Fish Cake (YuGao/鱼糕), Steamed Marbled Meat (FenZhengRou/粉蒸肉), MissHu's duck (XiaohuYa/小胡鸭)


Traditional cuisine from the historic State of Chu is a must try while in Jingzhou. It has a unique flavor that is absolutely delicious. Ask for a place with Chu flavor (楚味) dishes. Various options of breakfast, most of them are all kinds of noodle or soup.

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