Jingdezhen (景德镇; Jǐngdézhèn) is a city in northern Jiangxi Province, best known for its pottery.

Get in

By air

Direct flights from JDZ to and from Shanghai every other day, from Beijing every day. Shanghai flight is one short hour and costs around ¥600-700.

By train

From Shanghai the 2182/2183 trains leave at 12:40 with a travel time of 16 hours. ¥117 for a hard sleeper.

From Beijing there now is a direct train (maybe not all days, check first!) K45 from Beijing grand station 11.30, Jingdezhen 10.30. Hard sleeper from ¥338. Sounds like a long journey, but there is a lot to look at, and for those who came with transsiberian, what is 23 hours...

From Nanchang there are three daily trains, departing from Nanchang Railway Station, but the trip takes almost 2 hours longer than the one by bus.

By bus

From Hangzhou West station at 09:00 and 14:20. They cost about ¥140 and take about 7 hours.

From Nanchang there is bus service that takes approximately 3 hours departing from Qingshan Road North Station. ¥79.

Get around

Taxis are the easiest way, the meter starts at ¥6 and is billed to ¥0.1 but rounded either up or down. ie. ¥4.3 = ¥4, ¥8.7 = ¥9. Do not be fooled into taking a flat fare for ¥10 or more. Pretty much everywhere in the city will be less than that.

There is also a public bus service, with very frequent buses at least until 23:00. If you manage to get a route plan, it is a quite fascinating way to get where you want while having a better sightseeing than from a taxi, if you can stand being watched at yourself... Very low standard rate, like in Beijing, ¥1 in a box (make sure to have ones ready!) for each trip.

There are motor bike taxis, but judging by their propensity to laugh in the face of death, they probably are not a wise choice.


An evening stroll to People's park,you'll see lots of couples gather and dancing there,and you are more than welcome to partake with them.

- Jingdezhen Ceramic Museum - Jingdezhen Ceramic Historical Exhibition Area - Hutian Ancient Kiln Site - Porcelain Street - China Porcelain Garden - Yaoli Scenic Area - Lotus Pond - Sanbao village created by world famous ceramic artist Jackson Li


Saturday Creative Market The Pottery Workshop Creative Market happens every Saturday morning in our courtyard from 08:00-12:00. Over one hundred vendors, comprised of young local artists, sell their artistic works. The Creative Market has been a catalyst for inspiring creativity and entrepreneurialism for the emerging Chinese artists in Jingdezhen. Every week you can find a wide variety of artwork ranging from traditional pottery or contemporary designs, to jewelry, sculpture, and much more. If you are planning a trip to Jingdezhen you will be sure to stop by Saturday morning and experience the energetic and creative atmosphere.


There have been kilns in Jingdezhen for centuries and today it produces a lot of the finest Chinese pottery.


You will not starve even if you are almost broke! Everything from a few yuan simple dishes to touristic expensive restaurants available. With very little tourists around, you are not likely to getting ripped off if you can not read the menu.


There is a Chinese style disco/club across the street from the Kaimenzi hotel.


JIngdezhen Youth Hostel, No.139,Xinchangdong Road. New and cool hostel just across from the Saturday Creative Market site. The streets behind the hostel has lots of shops selling contemporary style porcelain.

Go next

Licun bus station is on Shuguang Lu, and has bus rides to Wuyuan (2 hours). The train station is nearby, with connections to Tunxi. The airport and the long-distance bus station are in the west of town.

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