Jiangxi (江西) is a largely agricultural province in the southern central region of China.


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Mount Longhu

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By plane

Most of the airline only connect to the Changbei airport in Nanchang, but international flights are almost impossible. Suggest always connect from Shanghai or Beijing. Mulitiple domestic airlines have flights to Changbei airport. Apart from this, you may fly thru the domestic airport- JingGanSan; however flights are pretty limited.

By train

Most cities are connected by the newly upgraded railway. Major raliway lines connect all directions. ZheGanXian lines start from Shanghai, cross Zhejiang Province, and line up most cities and towns in JiangXi from east to north, YingTan,XiangTang,ZhangShu,XinYu,YiChun,PingXiang, etc.; The latest D train is fast and comfortable. From Shanghai to XinYu, takes 5.5 hours for the 1000km. D train ticket can be book 11 days ahead, and a ticket from Shanghai to Nanchang cost around ¥300.


Buy products made of bamboo fibre like socks, towels and underwear. They help you to stay cool in the summer.


Vegetable(s) cooked in claypot, with or without meat. They are delicious.

Yanshuibin: An ice-lolly made from salt, sugar and water. An excellent way to cool down during the warmer months.

Greentea-cum-Redbean ice-lolly: If you like green tea and redbean, try this. It is very tasty and refreshing.

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