Jiajiang is a city in Sichuan.

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Public Bus

Destinantion Price (¥) Departures (HH:MM) Duration (HH:MM) Lunch-Stop Last update
Chengdu (Xinnanmen) 33.00 07:00-17:30 (every half-hour) ? No 26 April 2008
Leshan 7.00 06:45-18:15 (every 10 mins.) ? No 26 April 2008
Meishan 8.00 07:20-17:20 (every 20 mins.) ? No 26 April 2008

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While the #1 Bus goes to the Thousand Buddha Cliff, it currently involves a bus transfer on the way there, and walking five blocks on the way back. Additionally, from the nearest bus station to the actual Buddhas is about a ten or fifteen minute walk, although it's a pleasant enough walk. The distance from the bus station is too long for a pedicab, so it's probably best to take a taxi to get there. However, it's unlikely there'll be a taxi near the cliffs, so consider renting a taxi for an hour or two, it'll probably cost less than fifty kuai depending how well you bargain.

Really while the cliffs are nice enough, there are certainly more impressive sights in the Sichuan area, and the inconvenience in getting there means it's probably worth skipping these cliffs altogether.


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