West Jerusalem (also known as "New Jerusalem") represents the modern commercial heart of the city, having become the focus for development in the capital from the time of Israeli independence in 1948 to the reunification of the city with the Six Day War in 1967. That said, many of the districts of West Jerusalem date back to the late 19th century when the Old City became no longer able to contain the city's increasing population.


King George Street (Rehov King George) and Jaffa Road (Rehov Yafo) represent the two main thoroughfares in central western Jerusalem. Around their intersection, and up to Zion Square (Kikar Zion), where Jaffa Road intersects with Ben Yehuda St. (Rehov Ben-Yehuda, pedestrianized) is a large triangle between the three streets where most of the main shopping streets - the center of town.


Heichal Shlomo
the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo
the entrance to Mount Herzl Natioanal Cemetery



Museums and Galleries

Shrine of the book and its famous sprinklers


Hall of names in Yad vashem


If you are interested in learning first hand about the delicate fabric of life in Jerusalem, the All Nations Cafe in Refa'im Valley, near the Malha train station, is offering a social, cultural and ecological experience for both locals and internationals.


Ben Yehuda Street (Rehov Ben-Yehuda, pedestrianized), Jaffa Road, and King George St. (Rehov King George) are the three main shopping streets in central western Jerusalem. The network of small streets and malls around these two thoroughfares represent the main shopping centre of New Jerusalem.

Mahane Yehuda, also known as the shuk, is the main outdoor market of western Jerusalem, located centrally at the junction of Jaffa Road and Agripas Street. Vast and labyrinthine, the market boasts a large number of stalls, generally open 8 to 8 Sunday to Thursday, 8 to 3 Fridays, closed Shabbat. Fresh produce, pastries, salads abound. Definitely the place for a bargain and a unique insight into traditional Israeli culture.

Western Jerusalem have attracted a number of large mall developments in the last decade. One of the biggest is the Malha Mall in the neighborhood of Gilo.








The most common price for internet cafes in Jerusalem is 15 NIS per hour.

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