Lielupe river and Jelgava palace

Jelgava (German: Mitau) is a city in Latvia about 41 km southwest of Riga.


It is useful to understand that although from 1940 to 1991 Latvia was a constituent republic of the USSR, the official language is Latvian. However, a significant minority (up to 40% nationwide and possibly just over 50% in the capital Riga) is Russian speaking. The majority of ethnic Latvians living in the city, not only those old enough to have attended school during Soviet times, can also speak and understand Russian. However, many prefer to converse in Latvian. English and also German are widely understood at places regularly visited by tourists and foreigners but you may be out of luck when leaving the city centre or visiting places off the beaten track.

Get in

By bus

A bus line from Riga, takes 45-50min and the fare is approx. €2.50

By train

There is a train service that extends to all parts of the country as well as other big cities like Saint Petersburg. However, the tickets do not include information about the time and place to catch the train, that information must be looked up on the train departures info table.

Electric train line from Riga takes 50min, the fare is approx. €2.

By boat

Jelgava is on the bank of river Lielupe, which is connected to the Baltic Sea. It is possible to dock at Jelgava Yacht Club on Pils Island or next to Mītava Bridge on Pasta Island.

By car

You can travel by taxi from Riga or Riga airport.

Get around

You can get around by foot, taxi or bus. There is a very good bus line. Line 1 will take you from one part of the city to another.


Academia Petrina



"Brainstorm", probably the most popular rock-band from Eastern Europe, has emerged from a cradle called Jelgavas 1. vidusskola (Secondary School No 1), where also such National talents as A. Skrastins, A. Vaznis, E. Radzina, A. Skele, E. Repse have made their first steps in the world of fame.

Latvijas Lauksaimniecibas Universitāte — University of Agriculture of Latvia is a well recognized university.


Jelgava's special dishes are Duke’s sail and Charlotte's kiss that remind of the town's history as the capital of Courland Duchy. Duke's sail is a main course, made of oven-baked pork that has been prepared in a special marinade. It is served with caramelized sauerkraut, a variety of roasted vegetables and roots, red bilberry sauce and horseradish. Dessert Charlotte's kiss is made of egg-curd cream and jelly mousse sorting made of two kinds of juice. Its mild taste is refreshed with fruit-berry mash sauce. The dishes are available at most popular restaurants in Jelgava.





There are two main hotels in Jelgava and several smaller hotels and motels.

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