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James Bond, also known as Agent 007, is one of the world's most successful literary and motion picture franchises, and has codified the spy fiction genre. The novels and films have been set at locations around the world, most of them available to visit.

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"My name is Bond... James Bond."

James Bond's original author Ian Fleming wanted to write the "spy story to end all spy stories", and produced twelve books from 1953 to 1966. Bond is mainly a product of Cold War Europe, where the Soviet Union was the main antagonist. Since then, the franchise has expanded to other media, such as video games and animated series.

While interior scenes of the films have usually been recorded in Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire, most exterior scenes have been shot at the actual locations. Most exceptions have been scenes in the Eastern Bloc during the Cold War, which were recorded elsewhere.


The complete list of James Bond film locations is very long (see Wikipedia). The list below contains real-life locations accessible to tourists, which have been prominently featured in at least one film, as well as studios, hospitality venues and other locations connected to the franchise.

Due to tradition, the sets have been concentrated to European cities, as well as the Caribbean.



North America

South America


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