North Jakarta (Indonesian:Jakarta Utara) is where Jakarta began to take shape. The colonial Dutch legacy still lives on at the Old City to Sunda Kelapa Harbor. When you are done with history, find amusement at Ancol, great food at Pluit or Kelapa Gading, and vibrant shopping destination at Mangga Dua. It is also the gateway to the Thousand Islands. More than 1 million people, many of whom are of Chinese descent, call this part of the city home.

Get in

By train

There are train terminals at Kampung Bandan, for easy access to Ancol & the Old City, & Tanjung Priok.

By sea

Jakarta passenger port terminal ("Nusantara Pura") is located at Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta. . All ferry ships to other areas across Indonesia docks there.

By bus

The Transjakarta Line takes you to the western side of town, especially Pluit, from another of downtown's corridor of business district. Line ends at Ancol from East Jakarta, Line goes right to the center of the Old City from Blok M and Sudirman, Line ends at Tanjung Priok from East Jakarta.

By car

The Jakarta Inner Ring Road ends at Pluit in the west and Tanjung Priok at the east. The Outer Ring Road ends at Pantai Indah Kapuk in the west. The airport tollroad has a direct connection to the western side.

Get around

By bus

The Transjakarta Line is the best public transportation mode available, taking you from the west end (Pluit) to the east end at Tanjung Priok (line ) , via most important points of the area, such as Kota (Line 1), Mangga Dua (Line 5) and Kelapa Gading.

By car

The Harbor Tollroad has the similar track as Line 12 of the BRT.


The Old City

Most attractions throughout this area of town are accessible from the Line stops of Pakin & Museum Fatahillah.

Nature reserves


Amusement parks


Most malls have at least one cinema. For a rate of Rp50,000 you have a plush seat and a big silver screen. Other theaters though are willing to go beyond just watching movies.



Shopping Malls

Shopping centers are concentrated on Pluit (west side), Mangga Dua (central side) and Kelapa Gading (east side)


Kelapa Gading

Kelapa Gading is a more well developed upscale center of North Jakarta, having been built since the 1970s. It's like a town of its own with malls that has basically everything!

Mangga Dua

Mangga Dua area is evenly split between North and Central area so check out the respective district for sleeping and more shopping options.



Dining areas

A particular feature in Jakarta's North area is the dedicated districts for delights. Head to Pantai Indah Kapuk and Muara Karang at the west side or Kelapa Gading on the east side for all the hype and dining with all levels of budget. There's definitely too much restaurant to be listed here, you'll be spoilt with choices! Most of these areas consists of East Asian restaurants (or Chinese Indonesian) though, so if you are looking for something else, the shopping malls usually has it.




Upper scale restaurants can usually be found at Ancol.

Ice cream and pastry

Ice cream:



The North is where middle or high school kids tend to hang out, thus bars may not be obvious apart from signs that explicitly indicates so. The Pantai Indah Kapuk are has its fair share of pubs, cafés, bobba teas, and ice cold desserts. Be sure to come early in the meal time on the weekend as this area is instantly a huge blast! Moving over to Ancol, Mangga Besar, and Mangga Dua, this is where the passionate, yet shady nightlife of Jakarta is!





All of the listed hotels here are at the Ancol area.

Stay healthy

Emergency numbers

Medical assistance

Hospitals with 24 hr emergency room, Unit Gawat Darurat (UGD) (ER)


To the north: Thousand Islands National Park and tourist areas of thousand Island non National Park.

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