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Izumo (出雲) is a city in Shimane Prefecture with a population of around 150,000 people and a land area of 543.43km². It's located near Matsue.

Get in

By air

From Tokyo's Haneda Airport, there are five flights per day (¥28,800) which will get you to Izumo in 80 minutes (plus 30 minutes by bus to Izumo Station).

By train

Izumo's train station is called Izumo-shi Station (出雲市駅). It is located on the JR San'in Main Line.

Izumo is served hourly by the Yakumo (やくも) limited express train, which runs to Okayama station and provides direct connections to the San'yo Shinkansen (3 hours, ¥6700). Connecting with the Yakumo, the trip to Izumo is 4 hours from Osaka (¥10800), 4 1/4 hours from Kyoto (¥12300), 5 hours from Nagoya (¥15300) and 6 1/2 hours from Tokyo (¥19700).

From Hiroshima, the four-hour trip to Izumo via Okayama is best left to holders of the Japan Rail Pass, since taking the bus will be faster and cheaper (see below).

From Hakata station in Fukuoka, take the Shinkansen to Shin-Yamaguchi and change to the Super Oki (スーパーおき) which runs to Izumo three times per day (4 hours, ¥10600).

There is also an overnight train that runs from Tokyo to Izumo called the Sunrise Izumo (サンライズ出雲). The train leaves from Tokyo Station every night at 10 PM, reaching Izumo twelve hours later. If you have a Japan Rail Pass, you can book a carpeted floor space on the overnight service at no charge. Otherwise you can travel in a compartment or room by paying the applicable room fee and surcharges.

By bus

Those wishing to save money on transportation should consider highway buses. Izumo is easily accessible by bus, because buses from a wide variety of locations stop at Izumo.

From Hiroshima, going by bus is the best option. Ichibata Bus and Chugoku JR Bus operate eight round-trips per day from Hiroshima Station and the Hiroshima Bus Center. (3 1/2 hours, ¥4000 one way, ¥7200 round trip)

From Okayama, several companies operate joint service to Izumo on a bus called the Momotaro Express, named after the famous Japanese folklore hero. Six daily round-trips (4 hours, ¥3900 one way).

JR Bus runs the Port Lake service from Kobe's Sannomiya Bus Terminal (4 round-trips daily, 5 1/4 hours, ¥5000). Hankyu Bus and Ichibata Bus run the Kunibiki service from Osaka (8 round-trips daily, 5 1/2 hours, ¥5650), while JR Bus operates the Izumo Express bus service from Kyoto (4 round-trips daily, 6 hours, ¥6000).

The overnight service that runs from Tokyo is strangely called the Susanoo and gets to Izumo in 12 1/4 hours at a cost of ¥12070 each way, which means twice longer than train but twice cheaper.

By car

Izumo is about one hour drive from Matsue on Route 9, the main road through the Sea of Japan side of western Japan from Northern Kyoto to Shimonoseki.

Get around

Trains will get you to Izumo Taisha or out of the city, but otherwise bus, taxi or rental car will be your only option.

There are 2 different train companies in Izumo. The JR West Sanin Main Line and the Ichibata Electric Railway (Ichibata Densha Kabushiki-gaisha [一畑電車株式会社]). The JR West Izumo Station is next to the Ichibata's Dentetsu Izumo Station. Ichibata has 2 lines, the Kita Matsue Line which runs for 33.9 km from Dentetsu Izumo Station to Matsue Shinji-ko Onsen Station in Matsue, and the Taisha Line which runs 8.3 km from Kawato Station (on the Kita Matsue Line) to Izumo Taisha-mae Station, near Izumo Taisha.

The Enmusubi Perfect Ticket (¥3000 for adults, ¥1500 for children) allows free unlimited travel for three consecutive days on a wide range of train and bus services in Matsue and Izumo. The ticket includes full use of the following:

Note that Japan Rail services are not included.
The Enmusubi Perfect Ticket is sold at the following locations:



Izumo soba (出雲そば), the local variety of noodles, is the region's most famous food, but the beef (Shimane wagyu) is good as well.

Suitable for vegetarians, just be sure to consult your waiter when ordering. Set lunch ¥1050, Dinner a la carte or course menu (prices vary).


Just northeast of Izumo Station is Daikancho, Izumo's drinking district. It's mostly "snacks" and hostess bars aimed at the older crowd, but there are a few venues for young people.



There are a few low-priced minshuku and ryokan throughout the city. Pick up an English map at Izumo Station.


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Routes through Izumo

Shimonoseki Oda  W  E  Matsue Yonago
Masuda Hamada  W  E  Matsue Yonago
Yamaguchi Oda  W  E  Matsue Kyoto

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