Itoman (糸満市) is in Okinawa, Japan.


Throughout its history, the city has been an invaluable port city in Okinawa with a thriving fishing industry. Even today, many of the city's biggest festivals revolve around fishing. The city's trajectory and notability completely changed in 1941 when it became one of the bloodiest battlefields in American invasion of Okinawa. Thousands of Japanese, Americans, and native Okinawans died here. The city now contains multiple sites dedicated to World War II, the Battle of Okinawa and its affects on the island and the people, and peace. The museums here are considered must-visit sites by many visitors to Okinawa.


Peace Park

Okinawa Peace Park (平和祈念公園, heiwa kinen kōen) has several memorials relating to the Battle of Okinawa. To get there by bus, take bus no. 89 from Naha bus terminal, change to bus no. 82 at Itoman bus terminal, and get off at the Heiwa-kinendo-iriguchi stop.



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