Itaúnas is a beach-side village in the municipality of Conceição da Barra, Brazil.


Sunset in Itaúnas

Itaúnas is located in the northernmost part of the state of Espírito Santo, at about 260 km (161.56 miles) from Vitória. The town's fame was gained because of forró, a type of dance popular in Northeastern Brazil, as well as the type of music which accompanies the dance. Every July, Itaúnas is the host of the National Forró Festival.

Itaúnas is also famous for its dunes. The old town was literally buried by the dunes in the 1960s. Nowadays, the new town is located on the other side of the Itaúnas River.

The whole area is known for its natural beauty, and Itaúnas is also the best support base for those who want to visit the Itaúnas State Park. The area of the park is approximately 3,600 hectares (8.90 acres), stretching from the mouth of Rio Itaúnas (Itaúnas River), in Conceição da Barra, up to the mouth of the Riacho Doce (Doce Stream), on the border of the state of Bahia.


Created in the 1990s, Itaúnas State Park is part of the Atlantic Forest South-East Reserves, which is an UNESCO World Heritage Site. The park is itself an ecological sanctuary permeated by the Itaúnas River, with 38 km (23.61 mil) of beach and seven different ecosystems: beach, river, swamp, growth of mangroves, sandbank and the Tableland Atlantic Forest.

Flora and fauna

In the park there is a great variety of species from the Brazilian fauna, many of which endangered, such as sloths, capybaras, broad-snouted alligators, otters, parrots, parakeets, maritacas (South American hog-nosed skunks – Conepatus chilensis amazonicus), and jacupengas (Pernelope supercilliaris).

On the beaches, sea turtles have been protected thanks to the effort endeavored in the Tamar project , whose goal is to protect and to do research about those animals.


The climate of the area is hot super-humid. The annual average temperature is around 22ºC (71.6° F), with average highs around 28ºC (82.4 °F), and average lows around 18°C (64.4 °F).

Get in

By plane

Vitória Airport (VIX) - also known as Eurico Salles Airport - in the capital city of Vitória, is the closest airport to Itaúnas. It receives daily flights from most state capitals in the country. Among the main airlines serving the airport are TAM and Gol. A number of smaller carriers also serve the airport, including Azul, TEAM, and TRIP.

By bus

It is necessary to go by bus to Conceição da Barra (29 km, 18.02 miles, from the park), and from there take a regular bus service to Itaúnas (several daily departures).

By car

Itaúnas is located at around 280 km from Vitória. Head north on the BR-101 highway, then take the ES-422 to Conceição da Barra (you will find it after passing over São Mateus). From Conceição da Barra, drive 27 km through a dirt road until arrival in Itaúnas.


The park’s dunes and beaches stand out as the main attractions for the visitors.


Itaúnas is famous for its forró, a kind of traditional dance music with accordion, triangle, and zabumba (a kind of bass drum). In the summer months there are many forró events organized, and you can kick off your shoes and dance the night away on the sand.

For those who prefer excursions on the ecological trails, IBAMA (Brazilian Institute for the Environment and Natural Renewable Resources) organizes guided visits for tourists.

Sandboarding on the dunes has been prohibited by IBAMA.




Itaúnas is the support base to visit the park. The town has good options of lodging and restaurants.


The telephone area code for Itaúnas is 27 (as well as in central and northern parts of Espírito Santo).

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