Isle of Palms

A red sun rises over the Isle of Palms

Isle of Palms is a city in South Carolina, near Charleston. It has a population of around 5000. Over the years Isle of Palms has become a very popular vacation spot for families. Warm weather, an abundance of palm trees, and beautiful beaches make Isle of Palms the perfect location for any traveler.

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Public transportation options have been discontinued in 2013. A taxi from the center of Charleston should cost around $22.

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The main thoroughfare through IOP is Palm Blvd, which stretches from the island's southernmost border to just past 57th Ave. to the North. The island is perfect for biking and walking, not to mention the fact that the entire island is accessible by golf cart.

Be sure to use caution while driving on Isle of Palms. The local police force is snide and unfriendly, often acting militaristic in their enforcement of public safety and road regulations. A parked vehicle left hanging half an inch past the line will likely net you a parking violation ticket.


Isle of Palms is big on water sports and beaches, but short on attractions. If you insist on seeing anything other than sand, the huge number of turtles which nest here during the summer is a unique attraction to the island. They are all carefully monitored and recorded by the community's Turtle Team . While casual visitors will probably have more luck hitting the jackpot than seeing one hatch, there is a good chance of spotting turtles while hanging on the beach (Jul-Aug?). Neighboring Sullivan's Island's Fort Moultrie is your best bet if that's not enough culture for you.


Lonely kayaks longing for the summer to arrive





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