Ischigualasto Provincial Park

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Ischigualasto Provincial Park is in the Cuyo region of Argentina, together with Talampaya National Park in La Rioja, listed as an UNESCO World Heritage Site .



The park shows layers of ground that the Andes Cordillera pushed so that it is now horizontal and in the surface. The rocks are from the Triassic era (240-195 million years ago) which is the beginning of the dinausors era.


The park can close some days in feb/march due to rain but the sky is rather clear the rest of the year.

The temperatures can be as high as 60ºC during summer afternoons and as low as -15ºC during winter nights.

Get in

The nearest place to get in from is Valle Fértil (45 minutes), either with your own car or bus travel agencies in Valle Fértil. As many people go with their car, another option is to hitchhike. You can also get in the park from San Juan (around 4 hours).


the park entrance costs 70 pesos (35 for Argentinians). It is open from 9am till 4pm during winter and 8am till 5pm during summer. It can also be visited during full-moon nights.


There are 5 main view points in the park:


A bike tour and a trek to a mountain that offer a panoramic view of the park.


There is an artesanal shop at the entrance of the park.


Even though the tour through the provincial park doesn't last longer than 2,5 hours one is well-advised to bring at least a 1,5 liter bottle of water as the climate is characterised by dazzlingly dry warmth. There is a kiosco at the entrance of the park where you can buy snacks and drinks.


There are no hostels or camp sites at the provincial park. The best thing to do is to stay at a hostel in Valle Fértil and go to Ischigualasto by car or book an organised excursion from there to Ischigualasto.

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