Ironwood is in the Upper Peninsula region of Michigan in the United States of America.

Get in

By car

By plane

Since the airport doesn't have any X-ray machines, the security personnel hand search each bag in front of everyone else, handling and analyzing your bag's contents.

Get around

Car is the best way to go. Renting a vehicle isn't too easy, but it is possible.

Ironwood makes a good stop if you are snowmobiling on the trail system, and you can get to most accommodations or restaurants with your machine.

In the summer, a bike will get you most places in town, but it's a long ride to any of the 'local' attractions. (ie. Lake superior is about 18 miles, Copper peak is about 12).



Ironwood makes a great base for outdoors activities in the region. If you are visiting, you are probably here or should be here for one of the following:

If you do happen to want to see the sights of Ironwood, you could check out Hiawatha, an enormous fiberglass/cement Indian statue on a hill above the city. You can see it from most intersections downtown (the real downtown, not the freeway!).

Another claim to fame is the 'Copper Peak Ski Jump'. This ski jump is or was the largest freestanding ski jump in North America. When it was built it was the largest in the world. It hasn't been used for jumping since the late 80's. During the summer you can ride the lift up to the top, and get a great view of the forest, and out to Lake Superior. During the winter, they have a snowmobile climb competition on the jump's landing area. This is quite a bit of fun to watch as most snowmobile machines can't handle the slope and go end over end down the hill.

Pick up an Ironwood Daily Globe newspaper to check for events happening during the week.


Buy an Original Stormy Kromer Cap. Made right in Ironwood by Jacquart's. Hibernate your head.


Pasty is the Yooper Soul food. If you never had it, you must try it. The original version feature Rutabaga. Many swear by eating it with ketchup accompanied by dill pickles and chocolate milk. The best place for a pasty is at "Pastys over the UP" on US 2 at the intersection with Lake Road.

Good Restaurant options:



Indianhead Motel is right on Indianhead mountain, which is good if you are skiing or biking there.

Go next

Lake Superior: You can visit the beaches at several locations. 'Little Girl's Point' and 'Black River Harbor' are the two most popular. Turn north off of US 2 on Lake Road to get to either.

Hiking: There are several waterfalls and hiking trails along the Black River. If you drive towards Black River Harbor, you will see carved wooden signs near parking lots where you can access these trails. Most trails have basic bathroom facilities available (Closed during winter?).

Camping: You can camp at both Little Girl's Point and Black River Harbor for a fee. Though probably technically not allowed, almost anywhere in the woods along the Black River makes a great camp site. Start on a hiking trail, then head upstream till you find a secluded place. Don't forget to pack out all your trash so they don't clamp down on this practice!

Routes through Ironwood

Ashland Hurley  W  E  Iron Mountain Escanaba

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