Iquique is in the Northern Chile. City home to the duty free zone called "Zofri" and a growing number of high rise resort hotels along its beaches. Slightly more expensive and polluted than neighboring population centers, such as Arica, but a convenient place to stock up on duty free perfumes and laptop computers.

Get in

Buses pull in on different locations. The 'main terminal' north of the centre serves most destinations, but quite a few buses from Arica pull in close to the central mercado in the cross between Calle Barros Arana and Thomson. 'Tur-bus' have their own terminal on Calle Esmeralda. Several daily arrivals from Arica, Antofagasta, Calama and Santiago(25 h). Also buses from La Paz, Oruro and Cochabamba in Bolivia.

The last bus to Calama currently runs at 21:30 and arrives at 04:00 with bus company Fronte de Norte.

Many flights from Iquique's Diego Aracena Intrnational Airport (IATA: IQQ) connect daily with Santiago and other main cities in the country. International flights are offered to Peru, Bolivia and Argentina.

Get around

Micros run along the major streets in the center and takes you from the center to the Zofri in no time. Walking is the most convenient mode of transport for getting to and from the beaches. You can share a taxi for 500 pesos and or get a private one for 2000pesos. Faster than taking the bus.



Visiting beaches is a must. Iquique is known for its good weather and beaches (playas) with "Playa Cavancha" being the largest. Be careful not all them are apt for swimming, submarine tides are dangerous in some places, as for example "Playa Brava" or "Playa Huayquique". There is also good surfing in town.


In the center of the city you can find many shops for buy clothes, toys and every kind of stuff.


Iquique's Chinese immigrants that arrived during the 19th century as slaves to work in saltpetre extraction, have had a distinct influence on the local food. The area around the Mercado is Iquique's Chinatown. You'll find a large number of Peruvian influenced "Chifa" restaurants here, all pretty expensive. The smaller restaurants between them are cheaper, and serve sandwiches and burgers for Ch$800 and up. McDonald's, Domino's, KFC, and other fast food chains can be found in malls.

For dessert you can try the chumbeque invented by Chinese descendants. It's prepared with layers of fried thin dough filled with different fruity caramels. Nearby towns in Iquique specially Pica and Matilla offer a variety of fruits and desserts made with them, the best known are the alfajores.


Pisco Sour prepared with lemons from "Pica" is the local speciality.




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UNESCO listed Humberstone and Santa Laura Saltpeter Works are 48 km east in the Atacama Desert.

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