Randy's Donuts, an LA landmark

Inglewood is a city in Los Angeles County in Southern California. Sandwiched between South Central Los Angeles and LAX, it is a somewhat impoverished area. Though there isn't much for a tourist to see, there are some excellent eats here and a number of chain motels taking advantage of the city's proximity to LAX.

Get in

By car

While Inglewood is not served by any major Interstate, U.S or California Highway Route, the city is served by auxiliary Interstates. Interstate 405, which is near the LAX, is always busy. Interstate 105 and 110, although less busy, are still pretty clogged with traffic. The California State Highway Route 90, while does not directly go to Inglewood, is near the city. Although it might take a longer time, if the traveler wants less traffic to deal with, they may want to take the California State Highway Route 90, then take West Slauson Avenue, then turning to South La Cienega Boulevard and then turning at West Manchester Boulevard.

By plane

While Inglewood doesn't have its own airport, there are many major airports that surround Inglewood, giving it the motto "Harbor of the Air". The Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is the major airport that serves flights to Inglewood. The Hawthorne Municipal Airport is just south of the city. The Compton Woodley, Santa Monica and Long Beach Airports are also nearby.

Get around

By car

There are many car rental shops in Inglewood, especially near the LAX. This is probably one of your fastest ways of getting in and around Inglewood.

By bus

There are various buses and bus stations around Inglewood. Many of these stop at main tourist destinations and restaurants, such as Randy's and The Forum.


There isn't much to see in Inglewood. The city is mainly just single-family homes and apartments, although there are a few nice parks and the famous Los Angeles Forum.




As Inglewood is mainly suburban and has low tourism, most restaurants are fast food restaurants (such as McDonald's, KFC, Subway, etc.). However, Inglewood has some distinct and well known famous eateries.






There's no shortage of cheap motels here. There are a few standard chain hotels near LAX which offer standard anonymous airport area accommodation. Luxury hotels, however, are in short supply.

Stay safe

Inglewood is not as dangerous as commonly believed. Since the 1992 riots the crime rate has been dropping; however, rates of robbery and assault are much higher than the national average. During the day gang activity is low and police patrol the streets. At night time, be careful of your surroundings and avoid anyone acting suspicious. Avoid large groups of people wearing gang colors, and also be alert for anyone who is on drugs or drunk. Most crime happens in the central part of the city, and the outer areas have a lower crime rate. Be careful when in the central neighborhoods (such as the City Center or the intersection between Crenshaw and Manchester Boulevards), the areas surrounding Lennox Boulevard and Burl Avenue, 104th Street and Crenshaw Boulevard and the area between Van Ness Avenue and the Imperial Freeway. These are the areas that you will most likely encounter trouble.

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