Ingelheim am Rhein is a city between Bingen and Mainz in Germany. It features the ancient "Kaiserpfalz".

Kaiserpfalz: Heidesheimer Tor

Get in

By Car

Ingelheim has two exits off the A60 between Bingen and Mainz, and is also reachable from the Rheingau via the Oestrich-Winkel ferry.

By rail

Ingelheim lies on the Mainz-Bingen-Cologne (West Rhine Railway) and Saarbrücken-Mainz-Frankfurt railway lines.

By bus

The ORN (Omnibusverkehr Rhein-Nahe GmbH) run buses from a number of locations such as Mainz and Nieder-Olm. The main bus terminal is next to the rail station.

Get around

It is a sprawling town that has effectively more that one centre (Stadtteil). The centre, Nieder-Ingelheim, has been rejuvenated in recent years providing a friendly car free shopping area. To the east of the centre moving uphill you come to the area of the Kaiserpfalz, many of the ruins being part of houses. To the west of the centre passed the Boehringer pharmaceutical plant is more modern housing and stores. Ober-Ingelheim is the older part of town to the south which includes the Burgkirche. To the north is Frei-Weinheim where you take the ferry for Oestrich-Winkel.


Aula Regia, Kaiserpfalz Ingelheim


Take a walk along the Rhine, there is a path starting at the ferry which includes some games and little playgrounds for kids as well as other hidden things like a small wooden tower.

Take a hike to the Bismarck-Turm at the top of the hill behind the city, have a drink and enjoy the view in the strange restaurant up there which actually smells like there would be wild animals around - and in fact, they have cages with tigers up there.

Visit the old part of Ingelheim which can be reached by walking up the main road from the train station and do a tour through all the wineries at night.

Take your bicycle and enjoy the great nature around, either by taking the "Hiwwel route" or the route along the Rhine.



There are dozens of new shops in the newly built city center, of which some even sell touristic souvenirs. Wine is probably the best thing to shop for in Ingelheim, there are also good butchers and bakeries as in every village around.



In Ingelheim, there are dozens of wineries of which none sells bad wine. The best wineries include Dautermann, Neus, Wasem and Mett.


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