Imouzzer Ida Ou Tanane is a small village 60km northeast of Agadir. It is a favourite daytrip for locals who come to visit the cascades.

Get in

There might be a probably never going bus, but the best option is to take a Grand Taxi from Aourir (30 Dh, a little more than an hour) that runs every couple of hours if there are enough people. To get to Auorir take a bus running north on Mohammed V (31, 32) in the direction of Taghazout or Tamri (there might be more). The trip should cost around 5 Dh.


Walking down the road for about half an hour the river turns into a second set of cascades. Just at their top the water carved deep holes in the stone. This is a great place for a little swim. Young locals come here to jump from the top of the rocks.

On the road from Aourir is a walking path called Paradise Valley.


The region is famous for its almond-trees and as such almond products such as Amalou are sold here. It might also be a good place to buy locally produced honey.


Down at the river is a café, a restaurant (Tajine for 2: ~80 Dh). The hotel (see below) also runs a restaurant. There are more eateries at the crossroads up the mountain, however the road takes about 3.5km to get up there.


There is much more accommodation on the road from Aourir including a bunch of Auberges.

Go next

Get back to Aourir which is handy to go to Taghazout, Tamri or Agadir.

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