Makaravank Monastery

Ijevan is a city in Northern Armenia. Just 25 minutes north of Dilijan, it has a much different feel. More of a real town, built along a river, and less of the forested resort feel. The market along the highway is the biggest in the area, and very active. There are some really cool buildings, and nice parks and homes in town, with the river and cafes a great place to stop and enjoy the local scene. There is a Tourist Information office in town, though you shouldn't count on them having an English speaker on hand necessarily.

Get in

Minibuses run from Yerevan's northern bus station (3 hrs, AMD 1500, hourly), they pass Dilijan along their way (300-500 AMD, 40 min from Ijevan). A few buses to Vanadzor (AMD 700, 1.5 hrs).

Shared taxi, taxi.

Get around

Walk, or grab a cab. One of the taxi services - Taxi "Larg" 374-263-34000.


Fountain in Ijevan
Kirants Monastery

The town is very nice to explore on foot. Some cool old Soviet architecture, from the old hotels to the chess house are quite cool. Many old homes are of a very nice traditional style, and the river is quite good aside from the litter. There is even a sculpture park, an old ferris wheel needing repairs, and a semi-abandoned botanic garden. Aside from just exploring a bit on foot, there isn't much in the way of specific sites. It's just a pleasant town with some good places to explore in the region.

In the vicinity of town

Kirants and Acharkut villages

Visiting the following monasteries can be done via Kirants and Acharkut villages, following the mud road through the lush forest along the river, you first come to the turnoff to Arakelots Monastery on your right, then to the bridge on to your left to get to Deghdznuti Monastery, then further past the bridge is Kirants Monastery. All three are well worth a visit, and combined it's an awesome day.



The tourist information office sells some local handicrafts, from wood carving to small carpets. There is also a local wine factory you might be able to visit and pick up some wine from.


There are a few places in town to get some food, near the market (shuka).


Same as the places to eat.


Out of town


Tourist Information office, or city hall.

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