Biladhi Shuhoom village, Ibri

Ibri or Wilayat Ibri is a big town in the Al-Zahirah region in the northwest part of Sultanate of Oman.

Ancient Ibri Walls


Omanis are extremely conservative people. Otherwise they are very friendly and helpful. They understand a little English because the schools teach some fragmentary level of English language. Oman is not a rich country like Qatar and United Arab Emirates across the border. Omanis live a very simple life because their income is limited. Most of the people depend upon Agricultural income or help from the government. You can find some rich Omanis in the cities like Muscat and Sohar.

Get in

Ibri is 300 km from Muscat and shared taxis are easily available from Muscat. The nearest airport is at Muscat and there is no railway link.

Get around

Buses are a rarity in Oman. Taxis are the common mode of transport. Shared taxis are easily available between cities and even to small villages. They charge less than bus fare.






There are two small hotels in Ibri.

Stay safe

Summer temperature can rise upto 50 degree Celsius. Take the necessary caution.

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