Ibiza or Eivissa (in Catalan and officially) is one of the Balearic Islands. It is world famous for its intense nightlife and huge clubs, and attracts top DJ:s from all over the planet. Ibiza is also listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List as "Ibiza, Biodiversity and Culture". The maximum length of the island by highway is 42 km.

Ibiza beach



Ibiza and Formentera are also known as the Islas Pitiusas (from the Greek word "pitys" meaning pine tree) because of the abundance of pines that cover their landscapes. There are about 111,200 inhabitants live there.


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The official language of the Balearic Islands is Balearic Catalan, or simply "Catalan", as in the Autonomy Statute, and all sign posts etc. are in Catalan. Nevertheless, Spanish (Castilian) is more common as an everyday language on the island. English though is very widely understood throughout the island.

Get in

By plane

Among the companies fying to Ibiza Airport are:

Other smaller airlines serving Ibiza are Air Baltic, Air Europa, BMI Baby, Condor, and Germanwings.

There is no left luggage service at the airport building, but there is one in the vicinity:

For tourist information on Ibiza you can inquire at (or at their site):

Airport transportation

By boat

Ferry at the Ibiza harbour

Boats to:

Get around

By bus

Bus lines in Ibiza and their schedules are listed at Ibizabus site. There is also unofficial schedule search engine .

By taxi

Taxis can be used to get around the island and cost €20-30 to travel between cities. NOTE: Don't use the fixed-prices taxis right after you leave the airport. Instead queue to use one of the licensed taxis - prices will be around 50% lower.

By car

Driving a car requires an extra care, as the locals are terrible drivers. Many tourists have been run off the road trying to avoid deadly head-on collisions. New road construction has led to the temporary development of detour roads which are poorly marked and dangerous. During the summer months many tourist drivers under the influence of alcohol, pose a potential threat.

Renting a car on Ibiza is easy as long as you can show your driving license. During the summer months of July and August renting a car can be difficult due to high demand, best to book early. Car hire prices are highly competitive.


Many young people will be seen flocking to pay for daily rentals on beach chairs, and hawkers scan the beach looking for young adults to attend their club of choice.


The numerous stalls are alive with colors and patterns. Above are recognizable wooden figures, hand crafted from the skilled merchants.


Don't forget to try two local specialities: ensaimada, a sort of flat, soft pastry coil - what a Danish pastry would be if it was more like a doughnut - and flao, a sweet cheese and mint flan. Most pastelerias and many bars sell ensaimada - flao is a bit more difficult to track down.

Mixto Pita sandwich from the local Beachside Festival


At Amnesia club, Ibiza

Ibiza is famous for its nightlife. During the day most tourists are soaking up rays at one of the gorgeous beaches or sleeping off the past night's drinks. Bars do not get busy in the city of Ibiza or San Antonio until early evening, about 7PM.

Nearly every bar, particularly in the busier summer months, has "drink specials" that will be advertised (more like hawked) on the street outside the bar. These are good options to save some cash in a notoriously expensive destination. Usually this will be a beer and a shot for €5, but the terms vary depending on the area, the time of night, and the bar.

The West End, near San Antonio center, is a long, wide street packed with bars and revelers. The party shuts down at around 3 or 4AM here.

Ibiza is most known for its large clubs. Some famous examples are Privilege, Space, Pacha, Eden, Amnesia, and Es Paradis. Most of these clubs have hefty entry fees and the drinks will be extremely expensive. Plan on paying €30-€80 for admission (unless you are able to find a special deal from one of the hawkers on the street) and from €15 per drink (prepare yourself to pay €10 for a bottle of water).

Ibiza clubs attract some of the best DJ's in the world who play a weekly 'residency' at a particular night.


When it comes to choosing a place to stay on Ibiza, it really depends on what type of vacation experience you are after. Ibiza offers everything from basic hostel-style modest accommodation to five star mega-bling, such as the Ibiza Grand Hotel in the city of Ibiza. Unless you enjoy surrounding yourself with mainly large groups of rowdy drunks who rarely leave their comforts in "San An", then avoid the central 'West End' bar strip of San Antonio, although its peripheries are far classier, offering sunset viewing at the hugely popular 'sunset strip', including Cafe Mambo for the Pacha pre-parties, the legendary Cafe Del Mar next door, plus a selection of other bayfront bars. If you just want to relax and chill, and visit nice unspoilt beaches, then it's better to spend a little more on a nice villa (and, of course, rent a car).

The resort area of Playa D'en Bossa has recently witnessed something of a reinvention, with upmarket beach bar/restaurants such as 'Nassau' and 'Coco Beach adding to a market of upscale clientele that was once monopolized by 'Blue Marlin' in Cala Jondal. The resort area has a wide range of hotels, with its proximity to the city of Ibiza and the airport being an advantage (although Ibiza is a small Island with a decent road network).

If you prefer a hotel, you have plenty to choose from. There are more than 300 licensed accommodation possibilities on Ibiza, that cover the entire budget range, from hostels to exclusive and intimate rural hotels, and most are represented with web pages online and in numerous travel guides, but do not go there in August without a reservation. You could wind up on the street or on the beach (also illegal).

There are also plenty of apartment and villa bookings for those looking at tailor made vacations, especially since the birth of sites, such as Airbnb and Holiday Lettings there has been a boom from property owners renting vacation rentals. This is can be a much cheaper option than booking a hotel room.

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