Ibadan is a city in Southwest Nigeria.


This is the largest city in the whole of Africa in terms of geographical mass; it was the former capital of the entire Southwest Nigeria region excluding Lagos, and currently the capital of Oyo State. Its historic significance in the affairs of the declining Oyo Empire have endowed it with a lot of places to see and it's location at the edge of the Yoruba heartland makes it an ideal location for an exploration of the major Yoruba cities which might not always have as many developed facilities for the foreigner as Ibadan has.

Get in

Shared cars and buses are available from multiple bus terminals in Lagos for about 600 Naira. The journey takes about three hours along the heavily trafficked Lagos-Ibadan expressway, and buses arrive in the southern part of the city. Private taxis can be hired from Lagos from 30-50 USD.

Regional buses connect Ibadan to all major towns in Southwestern Nigeria, including Abokuta, Ife, and Oyo. Night buses also connect the city to the north, via Kaduna, and the east.

Ibadan has an airport, which is served by domestic carriers only.

Get around

There is an extensive network of minibuses and shared cars. A journey from one end of the city to the other costs around 80 Naira. Okadas (motorcycle taxis) are cheap and available everywhere, though some drivers are erratic.



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