Hutt Valley

The Hutt Valley is part of the Greater Wellington region in New Zealand and is near Wellington city. There are two cities in the valley and the Hutt River runs through it.



The early settlers that came to Wellington in 1840 settled first in Petone and then moved up the Hutt river valley, looking for suitable land for farming. While much of the valley has now been urbanised, there are still pockets of rural land and large open spaces.

Regular flooding in Petone in the early years meant that the original Wellington settlement was relocated to its current Lambton harbour location. As a result, a lot of the Petone street names were also reallocated to the new Wellington streets. This means many Greater Wellington street addresses are not unique. As a consequence, Wellingtonians often use their addresses without a suburb, merely indicating they live in Wellington. However those living in the Hutt Valley often add the suburb or city and may not even indicate it is a Wellington region postal address. This also stems from the fact New Zealand Post recommends using Wellington only for Wellington itself, and using Lower Hutt and Upper Hutt for Hutt Valley addresses. This is fine until you realize Wellington's mail sorting centre is in Petone, leading to the erroneous address "Wellington Mail Centre, Lower Hutt 5045"

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There are only four roads into and out of the Hutt Valley: three are part of the state highway system, and the other, though a scenic drive, is single lane for much of its length.

By bus

There is a regular bus service between Wellington and the Hutt Valley.

By car

By train

Suburban rail services between Wellington and Upper Hutt, run half-hourly for most of the day and night. Off-peak services, between 9.00AM and 3.30PM, have reduced fares. There are also all-day and week-end passes that will allow unlimited travel on all Wellington suburban rail services.

There are 3 lines to be aware of.




Get some fresh artesian 'adams ale' from the well on the corner of Jackson Street and Buick Street in Petone - the locals say it's the purest water in the world, and best of all it's free. In fact, the locals laugh at the tourists and out-of-towners lining up at the tap, which is actually on the side of the Settlers Museum on the Esplanade at the bottom of Buick St. Contrary to the urban myth, the water from the tab is from the same supply as every other tap in town.

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