Húsavík is a town of approximately 2,500 inhabitants in North Iceland. It is the whale watching capital of Iceland, with whales sighted on over 95% of trips during the summer. Additionally, it has gained some fame as the (in)famous home of the Icelandic Phallological Museum.

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Whale watching in Húsavík

By plane

You can get to Húsavík by car or by bus. The nearest domestic airport is Húsavík airport about 5 min drive to town, operated by Ernir. There is also an airport in Akureyri (about 1 hour by car).

By bus

Strætó connects Húsavík with Akureyri with a bus one to three times a day. The bus is number 79.

Get around

Like most Icelandic villages, Húsavík is easy to cover by foot. There is no public transport available.


The church of Húsavík


Whale watching

Húsavík is one of the main destinations for whale watching in Iceland. The species that can be seen on the tours include blue whale, humpback whale, minke, fin whale, harbour porpoise and white-beaked dolphin. Whale watching season is April through October.

Horse riding

Apart from whale watching, horse riding is another good option for tourists passing through the town of Húsavík. It's a good opportunity to come across the rugged Icelandic breed and also get to do some sightseeing on horseback at the same time.




The public library offers internet access on public terminals at reasonable rates, and a free internet connection for those traveling with laptops.

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