Hunchun (珲春市, Korean: 혼춘시) is in Yanbian in the far north east of China. It borders North Korea to the west and Russia to the east.


Downtown Hunchun

With 250,000 residents, it is situated in a unique position between North Korea and Russia, Hunchun is being developed into a new economic hub in China's landlocked far north east.

It was the capital city of the Balhae (mixed Korean–Mohe) empire between 698–926 and known as 'Dongyang'.

Get in

By train

The city is connected to the Chinese network, and a new high speed rail line is being built to Beijing.

The friendship bridge connecting China dn North Korea by rail

There are international train connections to North Korea and Russia.

Get around

Sign posts in Hunchun are in Chinese, Russian and Korean.


View of North Korea from Fangchuan


There are hot spring spas around, with hot water from a local volcanic hot spring.


Automatic currency exchange machines are available.



Stay safe

It should be noted that it was here in 2009 that 2 American journalists were allegedly kidnapped and dragged across the border by North Korean soldiers (The North Koreans claim they had entered North Korean territory illegally). Their release came only after a personal visit by former United States President Bill Clinton. Non-Chinese citizens should take every precaution not to get too close to the border, even if you are absolutely certain that you are in Chinese territory.

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