Huizhou is a city in Guangdong.


The sight of Huizhou to the average traveller invariably arouses surprise. Some 40 miles north of Shenzhen, in verdant, tropical countryside, a common reaction is "Where did this place come from?" Until comparatively recently (the 1980's) Huizhou was a sleepy Guangdong town on the Pearl River Delta. It has since exploded with industry, attracting investment from Japanese, Korean, European and American companies. It is one of the most architecturally pleasing small cities in all of Guangdong, and one of the very richest. CIA reports citing it as the de-facto HQ for all organized crime in Hong Kong and Guangdong may go some way to explaining the many sumptuous housing developments here, as well as the plethora of Porsches, five-star hotels and other indicators of high-end living. Huizhou is where the triad crime bosses come to dialogue and chill. Something of an anomaly within mainland China, this is a city that answers to no-one and those who live here have definite reasons for doing so.

Get in

Huizhou is well served by highways linking it with Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. Hong Kong is just a forty-minute bus ride away. The city has its own railway station linking it with many cities around China.There are plans afoot to link Huizhou by high-speed underground train with Shenzhen, which will effectively provide the city with a rapid-transit link to downtown Hong Kong.

Via Shenzhen

If you get off the plane from Shenzhen airport, you can get here by Intercity Bus. The eariest bus begins at 07:10 am(beijing time). It will take you about 1.5 hours.

Get around

Huizhou has a comprehensive, clean and cheap bus system. Taxis are everywhere. Flagfall for regular taxis is 5RMB (about 1 US dollar) or for the more opulent Kande Hotel Taxis which operate throughout the city, 8RMB.


The beautiful, seventeenth century West Lake, complete with pagoda and gardens.


Huizhou has no shortage of Japanese and western restaurants. Traditional Chinese food can be sampled on every corner. Hong Kong/Canton food is for obvious reasons especially popular with the locals. For those self-catering, Park'n'Shop, Vanguard and Walmart have a wide selection of western foods.


The English Bar and Relax Bar (both on the river) are very popular with expats and serve imported draft beers and liquors. The cocktail bar at the 5 star Kande Hotel (West Lake) is another popular hangout for expats.


Guests have plenty of activities to keep them busy with yachting, shell picking, diving, beach volleyball, fishing, bonfire and karaoke.

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