Central park of Huehuetenango

Huehuetenango (often shortened to Huehue)is a city in the Western Highlands of Guatemala. The last big city in Guatemala before you reach the Mexican border, or the first major settlement when arriving from. Not many tourists stay over, but it is a great city to stock up on supplies, Quetzales and other city needs.


Huehuetenango has a predominantly Ladino population, with many colourful Maya villages around it.

Get in

Huehuetenango has its main bus terminal between the Interamericana and the city.

There are colectivos two blocks north from the terminal (behind the market) to the city centre every 10 minutes (Q2) which will drop you off near the Parque Central in about 10-15 minutes and vice versa.

To get to Huehuetenango you can catch busses from: Cuatro Caminos every 15 minutes (Q20, 1:30 hours). La Mesilla (Mexican border) every 15 minutes (Q20, 2 hours).

From Huehuetenango you can connect to: La Mesilla (Mexican border), there are buses to La Mesilla every 15 minutes (Q20, 2 hours). Guatemala, at least every half hour. Quetzaltenango (Xela) every half hour.

Get around

The city center is small enough to get around on foot, but you can catch a local colectivo downtown to get to the bus terminal 2 km out of town.


The Maya ruins of Zaculeu, on the outskirts of the city


The city is a great place to stock up on supplies in the pharmacies, and there are lots of banks. Banco International, next to Hotel Mary (doesn't have an ATM, but does change dollars). It has more offices over town, some of which have an ATM. Furthermore there are lots of 5B ATMs.


There are lots of local eateries with deep fried food or tacos (3 for Q10) which won't hurt your wallet too much around the park.

Restaurante Las Palmeras, local and comfort food (hamburgers), good prices and a great view over the main square at sunset. Cafe Museo (mon-sat 7am-10pm, sun 2-9pm), great hangout spot with great coffees, chocolate and a wide menu on food. They offer WiFi too, which in this town is a big plus.

Near the bus terminal is a market with food and a supermarket (Despensa Familiar), further up towards the Interamericana you can find a big shopping centre named Pradera Huehuetenango, with a McDonalds, Pollo Campero and a Maxi Bodega supermarket.


Near the bus terminal: Hotel del Prado, between the terminal and the interamericana, looked like an autohotel, but was closed for renovation. Hotel California, decent hotel, very close to the bus terminal.

Downtown: Hotel Mary, light and clean rooms with ensuite bathroom, Q65 per person. Hotel Royal Park, with parking. Luxury hotel in the downtown area.


There are some internet cafes around town.

Go next

Next attractions could be hiking around Quetzaltenango (Xela) or travelling towards Mexico though La Mesilla.

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