Huascarán National Park

Huascarán National Park is in the Central Sierra region of Peru. It's inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list.


Puya Raimondi, a gigantic inflorescence, unique to Peru and Bolivia


Located in the middle of the Andes, the landscape is mountainous. The park is named after its highlight, Huascarán, which at 6,768m over the sea level is Peru's highest mountain. A total of 663 glaciers are located in the national park.

Flora and fauna

Animals in the park include jaguars, cougars, tarucas (north Andean deers), vicuñas and tapirs. The most iconic plant of the park is the puya raimondii, which may grow to heights of over 10m!

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The towns of Huaraz and Caraz are located next to the park.

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