Huancavelica is a city in the Southern Sierra region of Peru.


Huancavelica is the capital of the department of Huancavelica. The population is about 37,000, altitude 3,680 m. Huancavelica is surrounded by about 4000 m high mountains that give a fantastic panorama. Around the plaza, many colonial buildings dominate the view.

The Tourist Office is very helpful, Jr. Victoria Garma 444 (next to the marked hall), Tele-fax 064-752938.

Get in

There are daily trains from Huancayo, leaving Huancayo at 6AM and 1PM during the week and 2PM and 6PM Sundays. The journey takes about 5 hours.

From Huancayo, there are buses too for around 15 Soles. Shared Taxi´s are taken from right around the bus station and cost 30 Soles, but take only two to three hours. The road is now paved so the trip competes with the train for comfort now.

From Ayacucho (note: dirt roads may be impassible in the rainy season)

  1. The direct way via colectivo to Julcamarca, a second colectivo to Lircay, and a third colectivo to Huancavelica (all dirt roads). With luck and an early start, you could make it through in one day. Basic accommodation is available in Julcamarca and Lircay, if necessary.
  2. Via Rumichaca and St. Ines. Take a morning bus along the main road from Ayacucho to the coast until Rumichaca (paved and in good condition), and then catch a bus to Huancavelica (departure 10:30 AM, dirt road). The landscape is unique and impressive, most of it is between 4000 and 5000 m above sea level.
  3. Take the morning bus to Huancayo, get off at Izuchaca (8-10 hours) where the dirt road becomes paved, and then catch onward local transport to Huancavelica (~1 hour).

To Ayacucho Do the above in reverse.

  1. Colectivos to Lircay, Julcamarca, and the Ayacucho. An early start is required if you are going to get through in one day.
  2. Via Rumichaca: The bus leaves at 4.30 AM(!) from Plaza Tumpac Amaru del Barrio de Yananaco to Rumichaca (dirt road, very impressive landscape, 6h). The bus company San Juan Bautista at Plaza Tupac Amaru sells tickets. From Rumichaca, take one of buses that go from the coast to Ayacucho (paved road). Most of these do not pass through Rumichaca until mid-afternoon.
  3. Take local transport to Izuchaca, and catch the Huancayo to Ayacucho bus from there around 8 or so.

Get around

Not a problem. Distances are small, just walk. If you need a taxi, don't pay more than 3 Soles (1,11 US$) in the city.






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