Hpa-an is a small town (pop. 75,141 as of 2015) in Kayin State in Southeastern Myanmar.


Hpa-an is the capital of Kayin State. It is surprisingly underdeveloped given its relative proximity to Mawlamyine and Yangon but this can be explained by the fact that the area has been in conflict with the Government for many years and has only recently become relatively peaceful. With the expected completion of the Greater Mekong Subregion East-West Corridor at the end of 2015, when improvements to the the road between Mae Sot in Thailand and Mawlamyine are due to be finalised, Hpa-an will have great prospects to export to Thailand, and the town and surrounding region are likely to boom.

Get in

The   Clock Tower is the main transport hub for travelers. Shared taxis and buses leave and stop here. The area is spotted with numerous ticket sellers.

There is also the official   Sat Pyit Kwin Bus Terminal, just in case you do not get dropped off at the clock tower or are keen to get your bus ticket first-hand.

Get around

Especially around the market and the ferries, plenty of motorbike-taxis and trishaws are available. Do not pay more than 1,000 kyat for destinations within the city. Trips to the countryside for a couple of hours should not cost more than 5,000 kyat for a trishaw.


Hpa-an is famous for its numerous surrounding caves, mountains and green planes. Most guesthouses organise tours to those (like Soe Brothers and Golden Sky) - full-day trips cost 30,000 kyat (for up to 6 people). In case you arrive late, the Bat Cave evening tour is a highly recommended choice. However, you can also easily explore everything for yourself by renting a motorbike (about 6,000 kyat depending on the season from many guesthouses, Soe Brothers, Galaxy Hotel, Lwin Pyar Guesthouse or Good Luck Motorbike Rental next to Soe Brothers). It takes about a day (without the 4 h climb of Zwegabin mountain) for fuel of about 1,000-1,500 kyat. No road or bridge toll is required with a (motor)bike.

Leaving Hpa-an early at 8:30 a.m. and returning around 7 p.m. possible tours could be:

  1. Kaw Ka Taung Cave, Mat Ka Na Bridge & Village, Saddar Cave coming in from   Ein Du village (go east from the GPS marker and follow the main road south), from Saddar Cave go southwest (but turning into north) using the gavel road back to the main road, which then leads 1.5 km north by the 90° turn to Yae Ta Khon swimming pool, after another 2.6 km north the Zwegabin mountain and Lumbini Garden to its southwestern feed (and climb the mountain if your have time), next Kyauk Kalap to the west, then Kawgoon Cave as well as Ya-The-Byan Cave, and last but not least the Bat Cave for a lasting sunset & bat experience.
  2. For a less intensive tour try Ya-The-Byan Cave (monkeys), Kaw Goon Cave, Kyauk Kalat, Lumbini Garden, lunch break (1,500-2,000 kyat) at Yae Ta Khon pool, Mat Ka Na Village, Kaw Ka Taung Cave.

Here is a list of the sights (of which many are caves) in the surrounding area:

Kyauk Kalat in rainy season





A "sophisticated" traveler community including bars and clubs has yet to develop. Some shops, e.g. the one opposite Galaxy Motel, sell alcohol.





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