Hoofddorp is a city part of the Haarlemmermeer polder in North Holland, Netherlands. It has 73,000 inhabitants.

A topographic map of Hoofddorp


Hoofddorp, translated in English means Head Village (or Main Village). Its the main village in the former lake named Haarlemmermeer, which turned into a polder due to land reclamation.

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It's only 20 km from Amsterdam and it's the closest city to Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport. Traveling by train from Schiphol is only one stop, about 4 minutes. To Amsterdam Centraal it is about 25 minutes by train.

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In Hoofddorp transport usually takes place by car or bicycle. There are some bus connections, mainly passing the Hoofddorp train station, the Burgemeester van Stamplein (Hoofddorp centrum) and the Spaarne hospital.



Hoofddorp has many yearly events, which are listed by season underneath. Apart from this there are new events or one-time events, which will be promoted using posters in the center. It is known that many events are not announced very widely, so it's always a surprise when the whole centre is busy again.


Around April, the event MeerJazz is held at the Raadhuisplein, in front of the town-hall and the cultural building. A couple of large tents are put up where bigbands and other jazz acts perform.


Around June there is the Concours Hippique, a horse-jumping event, in the nearby forest Haarlemmermeerse bos. In the summer end of the summer, around august, there is a huge festival called Mystery Land nearby in the Haarlemmermeer polder. It is very popular for its variety of electronic music genres. With the famous pink tents and enormous themed podiums, it has become one of the largest festivals in the Netherlands. Meerlive, a local event of a one week duration with one stage, attracts mainly the local youth with typical Dutch acts. On the burgemeester van Stamplein, you can attend the one week event Hoofddorp Culinair, where restaurants in Hoofddorp and surrounding area send a delegation to let people taste their specialities.


Since the winter of 2012/2013, the winter-festival Winterland, which originally took place on the Rembrandtplein in Amsterdam, has moved to the Dik Trom-square in Hoofddorp. It consists of e.g. an ice skating rink, some fair-like attractions and food and beverage stands.


The city center is in fact one big shopping mall, so in daytime there is a lot to do for those who like shopping. However, after the shops are closed there is almost nothing to do in this town with 60.000 inhabitants.


Only places to go are some restaurants (which close about 10 PM).
Outside the city centre next to the highway A4 lays the McDonald's:


The town has about 3 bars, which are mostly crowded on Friday with young people. The bars close about 1 AM and in the weekend they close between 2 and 3 AM. There's one big discothèque which is open on Friday and Saturday (sometimes also on Thursday or Sunday). Every month on a Friday there is a very big party from 8PM till 2AM for singles which is called Relatieplanet.


There are a lot of hotels nearby, because of the vicinity of Schiphol Airport. In the city center there is only one hotel.

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