Hongdo (홍도, 紅島) is a small (6.5 km2 ) island 115 km off the coast in South Jeolla Province, South Korea.


Hondo Town

Lying 115km west of Mokpo in the Yellow Sea, Hongdo Island is of the most remote locations in South Korea. Hongdo (meaning 'Red Island') was declared part of the Dadohae Marine National Park in 1981, and is regarded as a national monument of Korea. Most of the island is off limits to visitors, although a tour around the island by sea is the best way to see it. It has a small population of about 700 people, most of whom are involved in the fishing industry.

Get in

Hongdo Port

Boats leave from Mokpo harbor to   Hongdo Harbor, with a return ticket costing ₩75,000 and taking 180 minutes.

Get around

Because of restrictions walking through the national park, access to the   second village (somewhat disappointingly just called Hongdo 2-gil) on the island must be by boat.

Hongdo 2-gil - The other village on Hongdo


The many rocks around the island



Due to the small population here, you are probably best off purchasing essentials in Mokpo before your journey to this island.

Some travelers have reported that their credit cards do not work on the island. Considering the long journey time back to Mokpo on the mainland it is probably wise to bring some extra cash with you just in case.


Dried fish on Hongdo

Hongdo is able to provide many restaurants selling fresh fish for a fraction of prices that you will find on the mainland.


Locals enjoy drinking beer and soju with their fresh fish in the evening.


Go next

You are restricted in heading back to Mokpo by ferry, unless you can organize a private boat to take you elsewhere.

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